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This game is loads of fun. There's a lot of strategies one can build, but its hard to pinpoint when they will work. Perhaps its a matter of execution. The best players will be those that can truly read faces or body language. Personally, I found I acted much differently as a mafia than I did as a citizen.

Game 1:
Citizens kill Jordan (mafia).
: Nose Goes kills Jordan. :p
Mafia kills Tim.
Citizens kill Miles (mafia).
Citizens win.

Game 2:
Citizens kill Chris (mafia).
Mafia kills Tim.
Citizens kill Xin.
Mafia kills Vitaly (police).
Citizens kill Lauren (mafia).
Citizens win.
11:31PM ET

Game 3:
Citizens kill Xin (citizen).
: He's gotten the same citizen card three times now!
Mafia kill Chris.
Citizens kill John (police).
: He didn't even defend himself.
Mafia kill Miles.
Citizens kill Jordan (citizen).
Mafia win.
: John died without defending himself, because he was protecting Lauren!
: Bex was the second mafia member.
11:50PM ET

Game 4:
Citizens kill Tim (citizen).
Mafia kill John.
Citizens kill Vitaly (mafia).
: Lauren claims she is the police and points out that Vitaly is a member of the Mafia. As he was, she gains credibility.
Mafia kill Lauren (police).
Citizens kill Bex (mafia).
Citizens win.
12:02AM ET

Game 5:
Citizens kill Xin (citizen).
Mafia kill Miles.
Citizens kill Tim (mafia).
: Chenyang tries to throw the citizens off by participating in my demise.
Mafia kill Vitaly.
Citizens kill Chenyang (mafia).
: I thought his plan worked, but according to my notes, it didn't.
Citizens win.
12:14 AM ET

Game 6:
Citizens kill Vitaly (citizen).
Mafia kill John.
Citizens kill Chris (mafia).
: Xin, accused of being mafia, released information that Chris was mafia.
Mafia kill Xin (police).
Citizens kill Chenyang (citizen).
: I was so sure that Chenyang was mafia by the way he acted. Then so perhaps I was acting too hysterically.
Mafia kill Jordan.
: We were left with Miles, Bex, and myself.
Citizens kill Tim (citizen).
Mafia win.
: Bex was mafia.
: Vitaly noted that Xin had suspected Bex was mafia.
12:34 AM ET

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