Video Game Snuggle Truck (PC) (2012)

Snuggle Truck (PC) (2012)

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There are several Jack Lumber's in the background. Both Snuggle 
Truck and Jack Lumber were developed by Owlchemy Labs.
Snuggle Truck* is a casual, physics-based driving game. Carry stuff animals in the back of your truck bed and try to get as many of them safely across the finish line. While the minimum to succeed is one, you'll need to be fast and/or efficient to obtain all the medals.

*The original version was called Smuggle Truck. Smuggle Truck is available for purchase on Android or a DRM copy can be purchased for PC/Mac.

Steam Achievements:
10:17am 10 Fuzzy Catcher
10:17am Truck Flip
10:17am Horrible Driver
10:30am High Flier

Having played Joe Danger 2: The Movie yesterday, I wanted to replay Snuggle Truck in order to compare the two. As such, today I started up the game on Steam (no save file) and played the levels sequentially from the Tutorial to Northern Lights (the fifth hard level), skipping some medals along the way.

While the game is fun as a whole, some levels can be frustrating to play and I couldn't bear to play all the levels in one sitting. As mentioned above, I only played from the Tutorial to Northern Lights (23 levels: 1 tutorial, 6 easy, 11 medium, 5 hard).

Of course, the short length of the individual levels (under a minute each) makes the game perfect for short breaks or small moments of boredom.

If you're looking for a new, fun, and casual game to play on your phone, then download Snuggle Truck and enjoy!

Levels with Missing Medals: (O=Obtained, X=Missing)
OOXXX Owl Country
OOOOX Claustrophobia
OOXXX Dire Depths
OOXXX Moose Crossing

OXXXX Pyne-O-Mite
OXXXX Dead Mines
OOOXO Flock of Moosen
OOOXO Down North
OOXOX Crawl Space

Steam Achievements:
6:12am 50 Medals
7:10am 50 Fuzzy Catcher

Today I booted up the game on my desktop and none of the levels were completed. I then tried looking for a save file, but didn't find any there either (apparently the game is not supported by GameSave Manager). In the future I'll have to back it up myself. According to a Steam forum thread post, the information is kept in a Windows registry key:
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Owlchemy Labs\Snuggle Truck.*

*Save information for Jack Lumber is also located in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Owlchemy Labs\.

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