Swimming 20120908

Swimming today.
Started at the 10:00 mark and ended at the 30:00 mark.
I did a lap on the minute.
I was able to beat the minute mark on the first five or so laps. But then I started declining and playing catch up. Thus, I had little to no break on the remaining laps. I pushed the last lap (the one starting at around 29:00) to make sure I could say I did 20 laps in 20 minutes.
From there, I took a minute rest, and then did 5 laps of breast stroke. I went every 1:30, but completed a lap in about 1:00. Thus, I finished the fifth lap at 38:00. I rested from 38:00 to the 40:00 mark.
I completed the workout with four easy laps. Each on 1:10.
7:57PM ET

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