Baltimore Bike Party. I'll elaborate on the experience at a later time, but for now, I can summarize the event as being epic (at least 500 cyclists) and awesome (in some sense the cyclists temporarily owned the streets). One downside was borrowing a bike that wasn't fit to my proportions. Icing the area helped a lot.

Today (20120901), I purchased a new mountain bike for use here in Maryland. I guess the feeling is akin to a consumer who for the first few years buys used cars and at some point down the line buys his/her first new car. Nevertheless, I am still fond of my used bike in California, because while purchased from a garage sale, I gave it a paint job, replaced the tubes, fixed the chain, replaced the handlebar grips, and aligned the brakes. These are simple minor adjustments, but in aggregate I feel very close with the bike. In fact, we currently have three (mountain) bikes for the household: the one I'm close to, one which is similar to mine but with a slanted crossbar (purchased at the same time as mine and I believe both have frames by Specialized), and a Schwinn bike that was bought new from Walmart (if I recall it cost between $100 and $200). As I never thought of the Schwinn bike as belonging to me, I seldom used it, if at all.

My precious. The 405 Freeway between Bushard and Brookhurst serves as the background.
More specifically, the 405N is on the left and the 405S is on the right.
Fact: I have a screwed up orientation of cities in Orange County because of the 405,
which runs at a heading of about 15 degrees south of east in the area.
For example, I think Fountain Valley is north of Irvine and east of Huntington Beach.
But it is actually west of Irvine and north of Huntington Beach.
Abstractly, I think X is Y of Z, but actually X is Y+90degrees (counter-clockwise) of Z.
This is the longest caption I've ever written (as of 20120902).

Yes Sven, this bike has a kickstand (which I installed, is somewhat broken, and will probably be removed, but possibly replace) and an "old women's" seat, as you'd call it. As a casual bike owner, the kickstand is convenient and the seat is comfortable.

In any case, after purchasing this Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 29 (2012), I road out with Sven to Druid Hill Park for a more thorough test run. Unfortunately for me, I was still pretty tired from the Baltimore Bike Party and I could hardly keep up on the real trails. I ended up doing a lot of walking and pushing. At the conclusion of the test run, it seemed the bike had trouble shifting the front gears into 2nd. Downshifting from 3rd would often jump to 1st. And going from 1st to 2nd required slightly overshifting until the chain moved to 2nd. By the time I took the bike back out to Twenty20 Cycling they were closed. I'll have to come back tomorrow.

More biking. Slightly slowed by yesterdays swim. As last time, I was pretty much exhausted upon arriving at the park. Regardless, Sven would encourage me to follow through the trails. Giving in to peer pressure, I followed, at least at first. Definitely good exercise, even when I ended up pushing my bike up the hills. There was one hill I did power through while on the bike. It was incredibly fun. As it had rained the day before, the ground was

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