Video Game Terraria (PC) (2011)

Terraria (PC) (2011)

Overview: [20151107] Informally the 2D Minecraft, Terraria is an adventure game that revolves around resource collection and item crafting. Collect resources, craft items from them, and build structures to protect you from harm as you continue to increase your power.

Our first Goblin Army attack. (20120719)
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Overview Continued: While single-player mode is a viable option, Terraria also allows players to enter and play in other worlds (now the multiplayer process can be done through Steam*).

My first Blood Moon. Bunnies turn evil. (20120720)
[20120720][20151107 Edit] If I were to describe Terraria in one word, it would be be "addicting." After I started playing this game on 20120715, I introduced it to my friends Chris and Josh. Three days later (20120718), I had played for 32.8 hours, Chris had played for 13.3 hours, and Josh had played for 1.9 hours. Then by the morning of 20120720, I had only accumulated 40.6 hours, while Chris had accumulated 42.8 hours, and Josh had accumulated 5.2 hours.

*Added in v1.3.0.1 - June 30, 2015.

20120715: [20151107 Edit]
What started out as a trial run with my friend Josh quickly built into a building addiction. Literally, I just kept building, building, and building (mostly with wood and stone). I played for about 5 hours.

The New Co-op Adventure - above ground (20151108)
Also I'm fighting King Slime.
Baby's First Steps:
A basic start consists of making Torch(es) = Gel + Wood, Platform(s) = Wood, and Work Bench(es) = Wood (10). Because of their importance, these items can be crafted anywhere.

With the Work Bench and some other basic resources, many items can be crafted and most of these are standard to building a simple home (tables, chairs, doors, and walls).

After I collected 50 Silver Coins, Louis the Merchant came and I purchased an Iron Anvil for Silver Coin (50). I later discovered the Iron Anvil can also be crafted at the Work Bench for Iron Bar (9).

Eye of Cthulhu. (20120720)
The Merchant was also selling a Mining Helmet (8 Gold Coins), a Piggy Bank (1 Gold Coin), a Copper Pickaxe (5 Silver Coins), and a Copper Axe (4 Silver Coins) - where Silver Coin (1) = Copper Coin (100), Gold Coin (1) = Silver Coin (100), and Platinum Coin (1) = Gold Coin (100).

: With respect to items:
- Items sold to an NPC vendor remain in his/her inventory for repurchase only until exiting his/her shop.
- Stars left on the ground disappear during the day. My inventory was getting full and so I dropped a bunch of items the ground while looking to go manage other items. When I came back, my stars were gone.

Skeletron (20120720)
- On a related note, items left on the ground are at risk of despawning (Terraria Wiki). I dropped various items, returned after lots of adventuring, and found they had disappeared.
- Chests, which hold 20 item stacks each, are useful to prevent the above loss of items. Besides crafting, chests can also be found occurring naturally around the world map. [20151107: As of v1.2, chests can now hold 40 item stacks each.]
- A Chest can be crafted for Wood (8) + Iron Bar (2) at a Work Bench, while a Barrel can be crafted Wood (9) + Iron Bar (1) at a Sawmill.
- The Sawmill is a crafting station used to make a lot of wood-based items, such as Mannequins, Barrels, Kegs, Looms, and Dressers.
Teamwork means the work goes by quicker. We share the load of mining and lighting the way. (20120718)
: Not yet used to the crafting system, I've accidentally crafted items I didn't plan on crafting. [20151108: Now its not a problem for me at all]
: I was very happy when I realized this next one, because I was looking for a feature just like it:
The Guide, the first NPC available, provides crafting recipes! Just talk to him, press Crafting, and then drag an item from your inventory into the box. He'll then show you all the recipes that use that item.
20120717,8: [20151107 Edit]
I've played a bunch of Terraria these past few days. Then today My friend Chris finally got his copy working and we played in the AM hours (of 20120717). After he logged off, I played just a bit more.

On a floating island (a land mass in the sky) (20120721)
Approximately 650 feet above surface level*
*Surface level is where the background wall changes.
1448 feet below surface level* (20120721)
*Surface level is where the background wall changes.
Chris was then playing again in the evening and I joined him around midnight. We continued to play into the AM hours of 20120718.

20120719: [20151107 Edit]
Today I hosted a server and at first only Chris was playing, but eventually Josh joined as well. Chris was eager to fight a boss, but the boss wasn't spawning. Next time we plan to use the item we crafted to summon the boss. Unfortunately, Josh and I had to cut the fun short and head out to the movie theaters. We stopped playing at midnight, left my house at around 1 AM, and waited in line for about an hour until the 3:30AM IMAX showing of The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

20120720: [20151107 Edit]
Today I made note of various crafting recipes.

A day at the beach (20120722)
First, some items can only craft other items: Vile Mushroom to Vile Powder, Jungle Grass Seeds > Green Dye* > Hero's Suit (vanity item), Corrupt Seeds** > Unholy Water (5), Worm Tooth > Unholy Arrow, and Black Lens*** > Sunglasses (vanity item).
*As of v1.2, the intermediate step has been changed to Green Thread.
**As of v1.2.3, Worm Tooth is also used to craft Thorns Potion.
***As of v1.2.4, Black Lens is also used to craft Optic Staff.

Second, some useful material: Vile Powder helps remove the Hallow, it is also a component of Worm Food; in addition to being a component of Worm Food, Rotten Chunk is also a component of Leather and Battle Potion; Bone is a component of Necro Suit; and Lens is a component of Suspicious Looking Eye (summon item).

We use a contraption to duplicate lava. (20120723)
After creating several tanks of lava, we form a moat.
This is part of our preparation for Hardmode. (20120724)
20140817-9: [20151107]
Around this time period my friend Chris and I sort of tried to start from scratch. This amounted to starting with a new world, but using the console commands to upgrade our weapons, armor, and mining tools to what we would have had from our first run through the game. We also had no shame in populating other useful items because we had done our fair share of mindless grinding. Ultimately, we wanted to experience some of the game's recent updates and just have fun. However, I got busy and couldn't continue keeping the server open so this Terraria resurgence didn't last too long.

Steam: 144 hours (total game time)

20151107 AM Hours:
Today I noticed that Terraria added achievements to the game and that motivated me to start the game up and unlock some achievements. Upon doing so, I noticed the game underwent some menu changes, including an option to sync characters and worlds with Steam Cloud*. This motivated me to create a new character (Teraton) and a new world.

The Twins (20120725)
The Destroyer (20120725)
Thus far, I spent two hours with the game (with the world difficulty set to Expert*) and have yet to implement any cheats/hacks - though I've definitely felt tempted.

In addition to achievements, some changes I've noticed include increased chest capacity** and NPCs shoot arrows to defend themselves.

*Added in v1.3.0.1 - June 30, 2015.
**This actually took place during v1.2 - September 30, 2013.

20151107 Afternoon:
Today I loaded up my character from 201408XX (Big T. (400 HP/200 MP)) and automatically got the following achievements: "Fashion Statement," "Head in the Clouds," and "Stop! Hammer Time!"

Jack visits It's A Small World during a Blood Moon (20151107)
My world from 201408XX ("The New World") was devoid of any mining items, suits, and primary weapons. My character also didn't have a piggy bank or a safe.

As such, I went looking around and loaded a Game Save Manager save file from 20150101. It contained four characters: Jack (400 HP/200 MP), Jack White (100 HP/0 MP), Yikes (Hardcore, 100 HP/0 MP), and Zeta (100 HP/0 MP). All their piggy banks and safes are empty. It also contained five worlds which were all initially marked as world#, Normal, and Unknown World.

World1 = It's A Small World, Normal, Small World: Has a piggy bank and safe.

Jack White visits Hard Apple Core (20151107)
World2 = Hard Apple Core, Normal, Large World: Has a single room with one door and a Work Bench located in the Snow Biome. As the room doesn't have seating or a lighting source, it doesn't even count as housing for The Guide.
World3 = TShock World, Normal, Large World: Has a large showcase room with suits line up on mannequins and an array of Gold Chests. As chests used to contain 20 item stacks and now contain 40 item stacks, they are all half full (or half empty). As the world's name implies, the items are populated by using TShock. (Looking into one of the Gold Chests, I unlocked the achievement, "I Am Loot!")

Yikes (of Hard Apple Core) visits TShock World (20151107)
World4 = Safe House, Normal, Small World: Has a safe house to the far left with the Demolitionist. Then to the right of the spawn point up in the sky is an area with some NPC housing that is set up somewhat like TShock World, but much more disorganized and seemingly more practical in nature (there are fewer chests, but they contain items such as weapons, ammo, and boss summons.
World5 = Co-Op Adventure Edited, Normal, Small World, Hardmode: As implied, this world is an edited version of the original Co-Op Adventure world. Loading it up is beautiful, because the walls of the base glow. The base features a wall that can be switched on and off and an entrance/exit accessible to flyers. For fun there are two chests which are located outside and underneath the base.

Big T. visits the safe house in Safe House (20151107)
Jack seems to be, however, my first primary character.
Jack White's armor is stacked and he has a row of strong items in his inventory. His hotkey items are 1) Copper Shortsword, 2) Wood (2), and 3) Drax. (Loading him up unlocked the "Prismancer" achievement.)
Yikes belongs to World2. His only items are 1) Godly Copper Shortsword, 2) Copper Pickaxe, 3) Copper Axe, 4) Wood (125), 4) Snow Block (1), and 5) Wood Wall (47).
Zeta is the only female character I have, but I probably played her very little or nto at all. Her only items are 1) Copper Shortsword, 2) Weak Copper Pickaxe, and 3) Large Copper Axe.

Zeta visits Co-Op Adventure Edited (20151107)
Getting Hamsters Ablaze (Chris) and Big T. (me) some upgraded armor, we headed to TShock World and we each took a set of Hollow Equipment. He might have swiped a sword as well. Still needing a hammer, axe, and pickaxe, we then headed to Safe House.

For backup I take some Platinum Coins, but I store a bunch of items away in a chest in a secluded room that is sealed off. Without getting into too much detail, we're playing from scratch (in an Expert, Large World called The New Co-op Adventure) using full HP/MP characters wearing Hollow Suits and a decent array of equipment and tools. We are not, however, spawning any crafting material beyond what we brought into the world.

The New Co-op Adventure - brand new (20151107)
As a final note, I occasionally used '/tp [name]' and '/tphere [name]' for movement.

By the end of today I completed 23 of the 88 achievements and logged 6.3 hours for a grand total game time of approximately 153 hours. There's a lot of fun to be found in Terraria.

Steam: 153 hours (total game time): as recorded by Steam, includes time spent AFK, excludes time spent editing maps on TEdit or reading Terraria Wiki.

Having gone to sleep early last night, I awarded myself with a little bit of Terraria (in fact 3.9 hours of it).

20151220: [20160117]
A month and two weeks later: I've played a lot of Terraria. As a brief overview, my friend Chris and I have been experiencing all the new bosses and events along with some amounts of grinding, but not too much. Personally, I sought to grind enough to get the idea of what a player would normally do, while avoiding the full need to grind. I am, however, fully experiencing the Angler's fishing quests.

Steam: 266 hours (total game time): as recorded by Steam, includes time spent AFK, excludes time spent editing maps on TEdit or reading Terraria Wiki.

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