Video Game Samorost 2 (PC) (2005)

Samorost 2 (PC) (2005)*
*Samorost 2 (Steam) (2009)

Title Screen.
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20120711 ~6PM PST:
POKLOP (password to level 1)
Wow, I love the sounds and music. It's a beautiful environment and I like how you're restricted to an area. It helps keep the puzzle from being overly frustrating.

Beginning of Chapter 1.
SOPOUCH (password to level 2)
So much fun.

Beginning of Chapter 2.
KOMPOTARNA (password to level 3)
Amazing world and sound. Loving it.

20120727 12:37AM PST:
Entered the password to level 3. Fell in on fridge. I know this part. Then flushing the water was simple too. The next chamber was where I left off last. Trying to tackle the problem, I eventually just tried all the combinations. However, at some point I couldn't try a combination and they happened to line up. The rest of the level was simple.

Middle of Chapter 3.
BUDOAR (password to level 4)
It took me several minutes before realizing what I was suppose to press. I kept thinking, what should I be looking for when either he reaches for his hat and/or when he moves forward to fix the television screen.

Tip: I realized I could right-click and select "Show All" for a zoomed in view of the game.

End of Chapter 4.
PLANINA (password to level 5)
Just when I thought the story was short and over, the rocket runs out of fuel! On many of the levels, there's typically one difficult element you have to look for and figure out. This level definitely had that difficult element.

Before Chapter 5.
LESIK (password to level 6)
Why, in the middle of all the artwork, include this guy's face? After completing the game and making this post, I learned that the same character is at the beginning of Samorost 1 (free to play online). While that doesn't answer my question, it just makes it slightly less weird.

Beginning of Chapter 6.
Hint: If you use something up, it'll respawn.

MAJAK (password to level 7)
I can't figure out what to do once I wake up the taxi driver. It sounds like he mumbles, "There's a brew we need." I'm thinking the gadget at the bottom is a gas pump, and I need to figure out a way to get the pump to the opening in the ship.

20120727 5:47PM PST:
Entered the password to level 7. Brewed the coffee and removed the top. Rum puts him back to sleep? Or maybe fish oil. Hmm. He seems to only wake up to pure coffee and water which has been boiled.

2.3 hours total

Middle of Chapter 7.
20120727 Evening:
So I showed my friend Josh where I was stuck and he asked, "You can't get past that guy?" So I tried clicking around the ship and it worked! That wasn't the full solution to the level, but it was part of the solution. I did some more random clicking and eventually stumbled on another part of the solution. Once again we were perplexed, but this time the answer was more clear.

20120728 ~2:30PM PST:
I completed the game, from pressing play on the title screen to play again at the end credits, in just a little over 20 minutes: 20:37-00:18=20:19. There were two places where I could have shaved off seconds if I had executed them better. So getting under 20 minutes seems possible.

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