Video Game Left 4 Dead 2 (PC) (2009)

Left 4 Dead 2 (PC) (2009)

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My prior achievements are an indication of when I've played the game:
20101127 5:44pm PRICE CHOPPER (Survive the Dead Center campaign.)
20101204 9:19pm A RIDE DENIED (Kill a Jockey within 2 seconds of it jumping on a Survivor.)
20101204 9:38pm GONG SHOW (Prove you are stronger than Moustachio.)
20101204 9:43pm STACHE WHACKER (Prove you are faster than Moustachio.)
20101204 10:46pm RAGIN' CAJUN (Survive the Swamp Fever campaign.)
20101204 11:29pm WEATHERMAN (Survive the Hard Rain campaign.)
20101204 10:50pm CRASS MENAGERIE (Kill one of each Uncommon Infected.)
20101209 9:29am ARMORY OF ONE (Deploy an ammo upgrade and have your team use it.)
20101222 2:59pm TORCH BEARER (Survive The Passing Campaign.)
20101222 3:33pm SUPREME SACRIFICE (Complete "The Sacrifice".)
20101222 4:11pm ACID REFLEX (Kill a Spitter before she is able to spit.)

20120614: [20120718]
This is an awesome multiplayer game. Today was the first time (in the AM hours of 20120614) I played online L4D2 with two other friends: Chris and Josh. I've played plenty of times with just Chris a while back. I think there was one occasion where two other random players would join us. Personally, I'm not yet a big fan of first-person shooters and so I rarely play the game alone.

As a comparison, as of 20120718, I logged 14.2 hours for Left 4 Dead 2; Josh has logged 9.1 hours for Left 4 Dead and 2.0 hours for Left 4 Dead 2; and my friend Chris has logged 237.2 hours.

20120729: Joined Chris and his two friends in the middle of their campaign.

I've found it's useful to have played through a level and know where you need to go ahead of time. Then it's a matter of staying in the front and not getting caught up on fighting all the zombies. Sometimes completing an objective is more important than helping a teammate up, as helping a teammate up can lead to your health loss and inability to help them up as you planned. Melee weapons are also helpful (as opposed to a handgun). And last, but not least, play a lot. I'm under the impression that the more I play, the better I get. Part of it is as simple as recognizing the special infected.

End of  the Swamp Fever campaign.

In the evening I joined the end of Chris's game. And after started a game with Josh. We played the Dark Carnival campaign on Normal. The portion of the level prior to the final concert part was the hardest for us and we had to retry that part twice. The first time we got all the way past the gates and died there. The second time we didn't get to far. In any case, we both used our microphones to communicate. I found the use of microphones both convenient and fun. In fact, I can think of one moment at the very end where I didn't notice I was dangerously low on health and Josh suggested I should heal. This was probably right before the last wave. While theoretically he could have typed this, I could have not been alerted to the message in time or he could have taken damage in the process of typing it.

Note: Neither of our mics were working in the game lobby. But they worked just fine during the game.

Start of the Dark Carnival camaign. (Josh and I)

20120729 12:08pm BURNING SENSATION (Ignite 50 Common Infected with incendiary ammo.)
20120729 1:04pm GUARDIN' GNOME (Rescue Gnome Chompski from the Carnival.)
20120730 1:02am MIDNIGHT RIDER (Survive the Dark Carnival campaign.)

In the middle of the Dark Carnival campaign.

Games Since Last Entry:
20120818 - Crash Course - C, J, T
20120818 - Dead Air - C, J, T
20120818 - Cold Stream - C, J, T
20120823 - The Parish - J, T
20120827 - Haunted Forest - C, J, T
20120831 - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zombies - C, J, T
20130318 - Dead Center - Normal - S, E, A, T
20130318 - Dead Air - Normal - S, E, A, T
20130320 - The Passing - Normal - E, T - Incomplete
20130324 - No Mercy - Normal - S, E, T
20130324 - Cold Stream - Advanced -> Normal - S, E, A, T
C=Chris, J=Josh, T=Tim (me), S=Sven, E=Eric, A=Andrew

[20130325][20150204 Edit]
Recently (in the month of March) I was playing some L4D2 with my friends (Sven, Eric, and Andrew). While I'm still pretty bad at it, I seem to be getting better. The strategy that seems to work is to stay in a tight group and keep moving. Having the person in front crouch is also helpful.

Tip: Throw gas cans with the left mouse button.

Today I played a campaign with streamer RxySurfChic and whoever else she had invited to play. Having watched and followed her stream, it was pretty cool to play L4D2 with her. She's pretty cool. While she plays a variety of games, she's mostly into shooters, so if that's your thing, then definitely check her out on

20140610: [20150204]
Today Josh and I play the Yama campaign (a downloadable user-created campaign). While pretty fun, sometimes a texture wouldn't load correctly and the missing texture or object was a bit of an eyesore.