Video Game Dead Space: Extraction (2009) (Wii)

Dead Space: Extraction (2009) (Wii)

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I spend some time playing video games with my sister. After Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 doesn't work, we play a round of Ghost Squad and Chapter 01 of Dead Space Extraction. The part that confused us was the puzzle, until at some point my sister noticed that we had to alternate.

The Wii logged us in for 48 minutes.

Josh and I played Chapter 01 and Chapter 02 today. Afterwards we watched the two comic book chapters that were unlocked. It was really interesting and I was anxious to watch more but it was late.

The Wii logged us in for 1 hours and 30 min. I think this includes the time we spent watching the comic.

My friend Chris and I play all the way from Chapter 03 to Chapter 10 (the last chapter) of Dead Space Extraction today. We started around 10 or 11 PM, and finished before 3 AM. We watched the first comic book chapter.

At one point, I believe after finishing Chapter 03, the Wii console had trouble loading Chapter 04. Explicitly, it said it couldn't read the disc. Luckily the game was already auto-saved at the end of Chapter 03 and after giving the disc a wipe and re-inserting it into the Wii, we were able to start the game and load Chapter 04. We went the rest of the way without any other errors. There was however lag and/or sometimes the game's frame rate would drop when there was a lot of on-screen action. This was somewhat unfortunate.

Without any spoilers, I'd say the best moment in the game involved Chris and I jumping out of our seats. There were no other moments as surprising as that one. There were, however, plenty of moments which called for a shout or a gunfire reaction. Some of the gunfire reactions were a result of hallucinations.

One of the coolest moments for me was using a stasis on a flying enemy creature. I used it as it neared us, so I was able to get a close up view of it. It looked way cooler when frozen than when it was flying around.

Chris was familiar with Dead Space 1, so he would occasionally tell me facts about how this game linked up with Dead Space 1, and I would occasionally ask him if certain events or actions made sense. Actually, he had seen a playthrough of Dead Space Extraction, and so he was able to help with many of the enemies and bosses.

Of course, watching a playthrough wasn't going to help with everything. (spoiler) In particular, during Chapter 07 we faced the Brute and he knew we have to use our stasis when the Brute charges at us. Then we knew he had to remove a limb. However, we're facing a one-limbed Brute and we're firing everything we got to no avail. We couldn't remove his other limb, we used our stasis on him, tried firing in his mouth, and just about everything we could think of. We ran low on health and low on ammo. Finally, we paused the game and I went to search the internet. My search wasn't conclusive, but something was better than nothing: catch his projectiles and throw it at him. Lo and behold, it worked. And with only three of his projectiles. If you asked me, I'd say that's ridiculous. All our ammunition wasn't worth three bombs? Whatever. We made it through and soon after got health. Actually, I think during our attempt at fighting the Brute, we used a revival kit and dropped back down to red.

Tips and/or Notes:
-While in Wii Zapper mode, it's still better to play the game as shown in the picture shown during the boot up screen: Nunchuck separated from the Wii Zapper. This allows for independent shaking of the Nunchuck (reloading/knife) and Wiimote (glowstick).
-The player stacks up to 3 stasis at a time. Stasis stacks build after fixed amounts of time.
-In Wii Zapper mode, the perfect reload is initiated by pressing B. The perfect zone is different for each gun, but when starting a reload, the bar starts at the bottom stasis indicator and moves clockwise. The perfect reload gray area is located in the region of the next stasis indicator (a third of the circle).
-Shoot vents (with B) to get items (with Z)
-Get green boxes (with Z) and shoot them open (with B) and then get the items that come out (with Z).
-Open lockers at their handles (with Z) and get items in them (with Z).
-Often when walking down hallways, a character with look into side openings. Expect items to be there and so be ready to grab.
-You can't kill characters who are not suppose to be killed. That is, you can always fire at any character, and the game will either allow you to fire, or prevent you from firing.

The Wii logged us in for about 4 hours and 30 minutes. I think this includes the time we spent watching the comic.

I'm not sure if I like playing with the HUD always on, never on, or auto on. Certainly always on was useful for keeping a constant awareness of ammo count, and it would lighten whenever your cursor was hovering over it, however it would be distracting when your cursor is not hovering over it. With auto on, the HUD will come up on switching weapons. Perhaps one could still check ammo count with this method, but checking for the current weapon requires two weapon changes and that extra click might count. On the other hand, one might save time from the HUD not covering the visual space. In reality, I wish the HUD could be customized. I'd make it smaller, turn the health bar off, or perhaps spread the information out.

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