Video Game Crayon Physics Deluxe (2009) (PC)

Crayon Physics Deluxe (2009) (PC)

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Start of the level. I drew the "hammer."

This was an interesting puzzle game. The goal of the game is to get the red ball to the yellow star. Draw any objects you want and push the ball to get it rolling. While I only played the game for 7 minutes, I had experienced enough to desire playing more. I'm not sure how the difficulty will increase, but for a game that came along for the ride in an Indie Humble Bundle, I have no complaints.

Goal: get the red ball to the yellow star.

So I finished all the levels on the first island, but when I was about to move to the next island, I noticed I hadn't collected all the stars from the first island. I clicked on the first level and noticed that I hadn't completed the levels in the best possible ways. There are two challenges, one is to complete the level with no push and one object and no pins (fixed pivot points attached to objects) and another is to complete the level with no push and no pins. As such I went back through each level one by one and if I remember correctly I was able to kill two birds with one stone each time. This is partially because I didn't see much use for making pins.

What's the difference between this picture and the one below?
This drawing failed.
What's the difference between this picture and the one above?
This drawing succeeded.
Lesson: Sometimes little details make a big difference.

Anyways, the game saves your solutions and you can mark some of them as "Awesome." I believe after you complete the two challenges and mark a solution as "Awesome" you get another star. That somehow brings me to 21 out of 22 stars. As I was trying to figure out how to get the last star, the game crashed.

Booting up the game again, all the "Awesome" flags were gone and I had to go back and remark. This time I did get 22 out of 22 stars and so I must have just missed a level last time. Also on the map menu, you can draw. I thought you can hold the right mouse button to erase. The game crashed again. I conclude that for some reason, pressing my right mouse button on the map menu crashes the game. This is the exact moment the game crashed the last time (I was also drawing on the map menu and started erasing what I drew by pressing the right mouse button).

Overall the physics are fun and I haven't fully explored the possibilities. I don't, however, feel I will ever choose to fully explore the possibilities. In fact, I probably won't play the game again for a very long time.

I had to get the length of the hook and the weight right.

I started the second island today and it seems the theme for the island is hinges. I was mainly playing to get some screenshots for this blog post, but it was fun trying to achieve the two challenges for some of these levels. A feature I wish they included is being able to display a ghost of your previous attempts. Sometimes you know you need to make a segment longer and/or shorter, but trying to judge that without your previous attempts is trial and error. Making use of the surroundings helps, but still not as dependable as a ghost.

Success is rewarding.
Note: Apparently the replay doesn't keep track of the color changes.

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