Video Game Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) (2008)

Aside from two recent Wii gaming sessions with my little cousin (or possibly attempted gaming sessions), I haven't touched my Wii for a long time. I'll try to get a full history of my play time on the Wii up when I can. As an estimate, it's been at least half a year since I've booted up my Nintendo Wii. In any case, today marks my first big return to the Wii.

After several minutes spent deciding what games to play, my friend and I go with Brawl. I start out in the story mode, which isn't as fun for two players as I remember. The first player gets to choose his/her first character and when applicable the remaining stock players. The second player only gets to choose his/her first character. When either player dies, he/she becomes the next character in the stock. Sometimes the game awards extra lives. I'm not sure how the game assigns which character you become for those extra lives. The second player can not pause the game. Instead, pressing start with teleport the second player to the first. For the open-minded, this can be useful. One drawback, however, is if the second player falls out of view, then he/she begins to increase the his/her damage percentage. One level (according to my friend's observation) only gave importance to the first player dying.

I was wondering how to improve the story percentage. At first I didn't know whether or not a flag meant the level was completed or uncompleted. Eventually, one flagged level we played became unflagged and my percentage went from 85% to 86%. After experimenting, it seemed the chosen difficult wasn't the solution. The instruction booklet didn't help either. The next day, 20120605, I searched for the answer and found that 100% is achieved by getting all the orange cubes and red doors. My search also confirmed that the uncompleted stages are the flagged ones.

Since we couldn't figure out at the time how to complete the story mode, I decided we should play Cruel Brawl. But after dying a bunch, I moved to Endless Brawl. We were able to defeat 102 enemies, but apparently the challenge (beat 100 enemies in Endless) can only be completed with one player, unless we overlooked some detail.

After Endless Brawl, I headed over to Group Play and we went one on one (all items, stock: 3) for a couple of rounds. I had forgotten what most of the characters did and often spent several seconds at the start of each round figuring out. Characters I had trouble using were Wario (hard), Meta Knight (harder), and Ness (hardest). Some stages also required figuring out. The silliest stage was the scrolling Donkey Kong stage. One hardly has any time to fight on that stage and instead keeping on the move is definitely key.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) (2008)

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