Video Game Rayman Raving Rabbids (2006) (Wii)

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Rayman Raving Rabbids (

This game is one of my favorite games for the Nintendo Wii.

I mainly tried to choose games which had low scores on them, but I also picked games I had previous played and thought were fun.

The first type of mini game we played was the shooter game in co-op mode. After a couple of stages, I moved to the workout genre. I've definitely broken a sweat playing this genre in the past and today I just kept it easy. Played a couple of the games there and moved on.

One of my favorite mini games is the one where you search for the chorister who's singing out of tune. The strategy is to click the rabbids in the middle. They'll tell you were to look. Otherwise there's the second to the outside on the bottom row to use. While I had this strategy in mind, We couldn't figure out when the game gives us a green thumbs up.

The last type of mini game we played for the night was the rhythm games.

Several of the games had certain strategies which I can write down so that I know for the next time I play them. However, I don't want to boot up the game and it's getting quite late.