Movie Brave (2012)

Released 20120622.
Watched 20120627 Theaters. Bella Terra [BRAVE] 10:50P 3D $14.50
Brave (2012) Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell. 93 min

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As of 20130126, I think back at this movie and I remember it being cute, funny, and charming. I liked the story, which mainly concerns itself with the importance of family and independence. At the same time, the story is quite simple, which I don't mind. The movie might not be as good as many other Pixar movies, but one can't expect every movie to be better than the last.

Instant Comments:
I wrote: "Really great movie. I'm glad I saw it in 3D. Perhaps the first movie I've seen in 3D where I feel the impact of the 3D. Fast-paced. Great characters. The image that sticks in my mind is" 20120628 12:55 AM PDT
I continue: "that of the patch of arrows on her archery run. I also consider her climb and waterfall stunt as the first display of her bravery. Those will-o-wisps." 20120628 12:57 AM PDT.
I wrote: "Cute short: Moon. Boy gets his own style." 20120628 1:20 AM PDT

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