Video Game Jamestown (2011) (PC)

Jamestown (2011) (PC)

Overview: A vertical shooter whose story is set in the future on Mars. Play the game with up to four players!

A challenge level. Ship: Charge.
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Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony (

This is one of my favorite games. I should ask my dad to play with me. I remember he loved playing Twin Cobra (Genesis) when I was a kid. In any case, I recently had my friends play with me and it was a lot of fun.

20120529: [20120601][20160126 Edit]
I invited my friends over to play Jamestown, but I didn't know how to set up the game for three players. As such, I just let the two of them play while I unsuccessfully searched for my gamepad. I later realized that even if I did find my old gamepad, it wouldn't have worked: it had an old connector. I did, of course, have some USB gamepads, but I currently kept those in Maryland.

Chris (Wired Mouse), Josh (Wired Keyboard)

After a little internet search, I came upon the fact that the game will accept multiple mice and/or keyboards. Oddly, despite having many computers in the past, I could not find a spare keyboard. So I grabbed my dad's bluetooth mouse, which I gave for him last Christmas, and hooked that up.

Chris (Wired Mouse), Josh (Wired Keyboard), Tim (Bluetooth Mouse)

First level boss: The Traitor Prince. Ship: Plot.
20120530: [20120601]
Josh and I each bought a Logitech F310 gamepad from Target for about $25. It works pretty well.

Chris (Wired Mouse), Josh (Gamepad), Tim (Gamepad)

20120531: [20120601]
We were so close to beating Croatoa yesterday. So here we're back for more. We ended up beating Croatoa, as well as The Luge, one of the bonus levels.

Chris (Wired Mouse), Josh (Gamepad), Tim (Gamepad)

For the bonus level, we also tried doing

Chris (Wired Mouse), Chris (Bluetooth Mouse), Josh (Gamepad), Tim (Gamepad)
Tim (Wired Mouse), Tim (Bluetooth Mouse), Josh (Gamepad), Chris (Gamepad)
Tim (Keyboard), Josh (Gamepad), Chris (Gamepad)

I recall we beat Croatoa and The Luge using the last setup.

Second level boss: Lady of the Lake. Ship: Plot.
20120624: [20120626]
Josh (Wired Mouse), Steph (Gamepad), Tim (Wired Keyboard)
Tim (Tablet Mouse), Josh (Gamepad), Steph (Wired Keyboard)
Tim (Wired Mouse), Josh (Gamepad), Steph (Wired Keyboard)

We started off getting Steph adjusted to Jamestown. The dodging bullets part is like any other bullet mayhem game, so that was no problem for her. Using the vaunt, however, was less natural for her. She liked playing Charge.

We mainly made it our goal to beat Dark Sector on Divine. There's the first section of the stage, before it starts to rain, where we are almost guaranteed to lose a credit. We were able to complete our goal before we called it a night. Sweet success. I believe in the end we did it with Steph and I using Charge and Josh using Beam.

20121122: [20130124]
Today my friends and I got together for Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner, we played some video games. First Kalina played a bit of Portal (2007), then Jeffrey played a bit of Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010), and finally, the three of us played a bit of Jamestown. We went through a good chunk of the campaign and moved on to tackling some of the bonus levels. It was a fun way to end the evening.

Second level. I never noticed until now (busy worrying about enemy fire),
but we pass by a broken wall and a fallen sign which reads "Roanoke."
20130124: [20130124]
I played this game with Lam and Phu. Unfortunately the installation was acting funny and wasn't recognizing the DLC. I later reinstalled Jamestown and got the DLC working again.

As of 20130124:
1) Last played 20130115.
2) 0.6 hrs last two weeks / 28.2 hrs on record

Because my friends and I had to replay The Luge multiple times before finally completing it, I often get the initial notes* for the music to that level stuck in my head. And while I'm not absolutely certain, I'm pretty sure they occasionally get it stuck in their heads too.

*To be precise, I'm referring to the first variation of the melody as played by the brass/woodwind (?), not the drums and string bass which are constant throughout the track. If I'm counting correctly, then the first variation lasts eight measures, the second variation is a repetition of the first with a slight variation at the end, and the third variation escalates and resolves into eight measures of silence for a total of 32 measures. The track then repeats.