Video Game Trine (2009) (PC)

Trine (2009) (PC)

The Trine environment is beautiful.
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[20150119 Edit]
Today my friend saw Trine on my Steam Wishlist and that it was on sale. As such, he purchased the game and gifted it to me.

Thanks, Mark!

While I have homework to grade, I decided to give the game a try. I love the graphics and story. It's such a beautiful world. Interacting with the level is also fun (this mainly applies to the wizard). The thief's swinging ability is useful, but takes some getting used to.

Switching between characters made me think of The Lost Vikings. However, the two have little in common other than using some sort of switching character at the foundation of the game play mechanics. In The Lost Vikings, the player switches between the three characters, but each is always in existence somewhere in the level. In contrast, in Trine the player is only one character at a time. In addition, switching in Trine is generally not essential and many areas of the map that can be traversed by one character can be traversed by another character.

The Wizard can conjure boxes in order to cross gaps.
Possible Hardware Issues:
I probably would be playing more, but for some reason, my computer restarts at a certain point in the game. The first time this happened, I started the game up again at a lower quality (Medium instead of High). At approximately the same point in the game (though not exactly), my computer restarted. The only other game I remember that has restarted my computer is Dungeon Defenders (2011). Due to the computer restarting, I've only played Dungeon Defenders once. On the other hand, I've played League of Legends plenty of times without my computer restarting.

Overall, I'm most suspicious of the power supply. I'll probably get it replaced soon.

Current Settings:
Detail Level: Medium
Screen Resolution: 1024x768
Vertical Sync: Off
Texture Detail Level: Medium
Anisotropic Filtering: 4
Antialiasing: Disabled
Fullscreen: On
Extra Gamma Effects: On
Render Glow: On
Distortion Effects: Off
High Quality Video: On
Sounds Enabled: On
Use EAX: Off
Enable multiple mice and keyboards: Off

The Thief.
I was testing out games on my newly built computer and running Trine would be a good test. As described above, my PC in Maryland failed to run the game past a certain point. Thankfully, the new computer was able to run Trine past the point where the PC in Maryland would restart. I was confident that my new computer here in California would run the game just fine. I will definitely order a new power supply for my computer in Maryland.

The thief's swinging remains difficult and at times appears unrealistic, especially when coming into contact with an obstacle during the arc of the swing. I feel like Bionic Commando (Game Boy) (1992) has a simpler, yet more enjoyable swinging mechanism. Sometimes some of the physics can be fun, but at other times it can be needlessly frustrating. These two flaws bring the game down from possibly being great to simply being good.

Current Settings:
Detail Level: High
Screen Resolution: 1024x768
Vertical Sync: Off
Texture Detail Level: High
Anisotropic Filtering: 8
Antialiasing: Disabled
Fullscreen: On
Extra Gamma Effects: On
Render Glow: On
Distortion Effects: On
High Quality Video: On
Sounds Enabled: On
Use EAX: Off
Enable multiple mice and keyboards: Off

The Knight picks up the stone fist and prepares to launch it.
Goodbye wall!
Chris and I played the second level. I had played most, if not all of it already, so I had a sense of what to do. He played using the game pad and I played on the keyboard.

The knight can block fireballs. But more permanently, draw boxes to stop fire.

Josh and I played the second level again. There were three experience points left unclaimed by Chris and I. We continued playing some other levels as well. We earned a lot of abilities and leveled up some of them. It took a little trial and error to figure out how the inventory menu worked, but we figured it out. To click on items and abilities, you have to be the main person controller the character. You can queue up to be a character by pressing 1-2-3 or the left and right triggers on the game pad. To look at info, either yellow on the game pad or right click with the mouse. For selecting the item or ability, use the left click.

Fun things to do include drawing boxes to drop onto an enemy. Sticking boxes into the spikes is fun. Levitating other players with platforms will be easier than with boxes. One part of the level, when figuring out a trick, was rewarding. Later, a different trick had to be used, that could have possibly helped in the first part of the level.

Note that most parts of the levels can be done differently by each character or as a result of one of the players. Therefore switching isn't necessary. This is good since going to the inventory to switch out characters will impede the flow of the game. However, in the situation where a specific character is needed, the method of going to the inventory or switching (when playing with two players) is provided.

When in darkness...
... light up torches with a flaming arrow.
Note: the Knight can also use his flaming sword.
We only encountered one situation where (at least we think) if the wizard had died, we would have had to go back to the last checkpoint, because there would not have been a way to proceed. Spawning back at the checkpoint is a nice feature.

The other day (20120624), I wanted to see if split keyboard was possible but I couldn't even get the mouse to work. Today, I figured out that the tablet mouse was overriding the regular mouse. Even when unplugging the tablet mouse, the regular mouse didn't seem to kick in. I had to exit the game and start the game again.

Josh, Steph, and I played from Crystal Caverns all the way to the 14th level. Josh and Steph played using the two game pads and I played on the keyboard. During the game, I think we only resorted to switching to the Thief once or twice.

With three players, the game is harder in some places and easier in others. It's nice that the characters can't push each other, but the Wizard's items can push the other players. The wizard can also, with sufficient momentum, use a box to destroy enemies.

There were a couple glitches here and there. One involving the gates not closing and allowing us to run past the crazy enemy, which at the time the Knight died and the Thief hardly did any damage.

I like the enemy AI's behavior.
Here the Knight raises his shield against an incoming arrow.
At first, Steph mainly played the Thief and Josh and I would trade off on Knight and Wizard. Later, Steph mainly played the Knight, Josh mainly played the Thief, and I mainly played the Wizard.

My style of play is using a lot of objects to make the path secure and allows for error. Steph has a more head-on approach, which is often safer, but Josh and I have trouble keeping up.

We trade friendly shouts of frustration as we mess each other up every so often.

The funniest moment of the day was when Josh and I died. Then I told Steph just to go for an XP bottle, knowing she couldn't make it. It was funny to watch her jump and fall to her death. Spawning back at the last checkpoint isn't a big deal. The laughs were well worth it.

After they left, I wanted to figure out which level we started from. The game, even though I turned off the other controllers, would still have three players. So I had to exit the game and start the game again.

I figured out we started from Crystal Caverns. Of course, it was addicting and I played through the entire level, finding about 3 or 4 XP bottles and 1 chest.

Overall, the game can be have a glitch here and there, but the environment is amazing. And not everything is a glitch, but perhaps unintentional consequences of multiplayer co-op. For example, the knight's swimming mechanics or lack of is bothersome in a three-player game.

Another dazzling view of the environment.
The drawbridge is in the process of lowering.
Saveslot 2
Saved: 2012/07/21-02:08
Experience (level): 359/400
Experience (enemies): 270/275
Secrets: 31/26
Level: Game Completed

So I suspected that the PSU (power supply unit) that came with my PC in Maryland was the reason it would shut down and restart while I was playing games. As such, I was excited when the PSU I ordered came in the mail today. I purchased the same brand and model PSU as the one I bought when I built my first computer this last summer in California. Confident in the PSU, I knew I would keep it regardless of whether or not it fixed the problem. In other words, if the problem persisted, then it wasn't because of the PSU, and so regardless of the outcome, I was sure that upgrading my PSU was a smart choice. I can happily say, however, my Maryland PC with the new PSU installed did not restart while running Trine.

I spent some time searching for undiscovered experience vials and secret chests.

Experience (green) vials.
I still have the following to find:
08. 24/25 20/20 1/2
10. 18/20 15/15 2/2
11. 34/35 20/20 2/2
13. 31/35 20/20 1/2 (did not play today)
14. 39/40 25/25 2/2

Saveslot 2
Saved: 2012/08/30
Experience (level): 391/400
Experience (enemies): 275/275
Secrets: 34/26
Level: Game Completed

I still have the following to find:
08. 24/25 20/20 2/2
3: Oh my goodness... the vials accompanying the chest were already consumed, but for some reason the chest had not been opened.
10. 18/20 15/15 2/2
11. 34/35 20/20 2/2 (did not play today)
13. 34/35 20/20 2/2
1: Like many of the ones I found on 20120830, the 3 vials and 1 chest I found on this level were obvious.
14. 39/40 25/25 2/2
2: I wonder where it is.

2.9 hrs last two weeks / 22.0 hrs on record

The Thief stands atop a building in the sun with her bow drawn.
I still have the following to find:
08. 25/25 20/20 2/2
1: I found the last experience vial. It was located in the wall which borders the platform that lowers under the player character's weight.
10. 18/20 15/15 2/2
11. 35/35 20/20 2/2
2: What the heck, the vial was in the bubbling swamp water (deals damage) that comes before the last checkpoint. Without finding the vial by accident, I suppose one could use the wizard to comb the poisonous water and listen for the clanking of a vial.
13. 34/35 20/20 2/2
14. 39/40 25/25 2/2 (did not play today)

Tip: I learned that the knight's hammer smash is a more efficient way of getting rid of bats. In fact, it's a great way to get rid of many enemies, as its range is quite large.