Video Game Tobe's Vertical Adventure (PC) (2011)

Tobe's Vertical Adventure (PC) (2011)

Menu Screen

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[20141225 Edit]
I decided to play for a couple of minutes, but I didn't enjoy it much, mainly because I disliked how the controls weren't as fluid as Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy also lets you replay levels on a stage to stage basis, like Toki Tori. In contrast, Tobe's Vertical Adventure keeps its level select in its main menu and is currently locked.*

Wall slide

I wish the rope release and balloon actions had their own dedicated buttons. I find myself trying to release the rope or accidentally using the balloon at the wrong times. And since they use up inventory, it's quite a waste.

0.4 hrs

My friend Josh and I played the co-op adventure. We thought it was strange why the keyboard has to be use to navigate certain parts of the menu. In any case, we were able to switch from the keyboard to our gamepads. Unfortunately, the colors for the buttons on the gamepad don't match up with the default button assignment.

Getting used to the controls were hard at first, but I felt like they were a little more natural than when we first started the game. For me, it was more natural than when I first played the game. However, that some of the controls are still a bit clunky and the level seems to have glitches here and there. Maybe this is solely a two-player issue.

Nana doesn't get height after she wall jumps, but she can use her double jump. To climb the wall, quickly repeat the action.
Using the hand grab in co-op mode is quite useful, but most tasks, if not all, can be completed without it.

More Tips:
Collecting treasure and fowl helps obtain upgrades.
Levels come in multiple acts, and can be selected from the main menu after all acts in that level have been completed.
For the big treasure chest, the cursor will speed up after one of the two players hits the down button.
If both characters die, the duo will start back at the last lantern flicked on (checkpoint locations).

Tobe needs to use the balloons on this one.

And One More Tip:
When one character dies, pressing a button will spawn the dead character at the position of the living character. If this is in the air, the character will begin free falling. If there is a vine or chain to climb, the player that just spawned needs to press up to grab the vine, or else continue falling.

Overall, while today's experience was better than my first encounter with the game, I still like Super Meat Boy much better.

1.3 hrs

Today, in order to take screenshots, I revisit the single-player campaign. I find myself making more use of the balloons and chains with just Tobe. Note that you can also play single-player with just Nana.

Tip: Try to collect as much treasure and fowl as you can before opening the big chest. This will mean less time spent on the ascent and hence a higher time bonus.
Tip: Related to the previous tip. I thought the time bonus from the big chest was only useful for finishing in time. However, you will also improve your time bonus.

+15 seconds!

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