Gymnastics 20120326

I thought my ankle was doing better and figured I'd be fine going to gymnastics. Unfortunately, the ankle is still having problems.

I wrote: "Keep the head in roughly the same place instead of traveling. Yay! After three or four fixed, one on the floor with left hand planted at end. Good feeling except for my left ankle which can't handle the force of impact." 8:41 PM

High Bar and Rings:
I wrote: "Rings. Swing the chest. Exercise: Do a pull-up, go into an arrow (feet point toward the ceiling and hanging from the arms). Earlier with bars. Swing. Re-grip at the end of swinging back. Chin-up. Tuck close to body. Swinging. Forward." 8:42 PM

Falling backwards, down onto the butt, rolling back, and into a handstand. At least the goal is to go into a handstand. Perhaps at first one simply pushes up and stands on the feet.

I wrote: "At the end of the day I'm feeling tired and I decide to just do round-off followed by three back handsprings on the tumble track." 20120329 8:13 PM

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