Gymnastics 20120319

So I missed gymnastics last Monday due to a math dinner at the Alizee American Bistro that ran over time and had to skip gymnastics the Monday before that to let my right hip heal. Happily I can say my right hip was definitely free of pain as of March 10th or 11th. The numbness in my foot is still slightly lingering, but close to gone. However, while walking yesterday, I somehow twisted my left ankle. I was puzzled as to how it happened. Luckily, it'll be easy to ice, and I'll take Aleve to reduce any swelling going on.

As a result of the ankle, I mostly focused on doing activities that don't put pressure on it.

Mainly Did the Following:
Jump on trampoline, plant hands on the vault, hit handstand position, fall onto mat.
After getting comfortable, I tried landing on my feet a couple times. I'd have to say that at first the idea of planting the hands onto the vault was scary, but after three or four attempts, the fear went away.
Tried to practice on the mushroom. Jay mentioned to try just moving the legs around to get a feel for it. That seemed reasonable. I wish they had the lower mushroom. I saw some video of some exercises which seemed helpful. They focus on both strength and form.
Stand, come down rolling on the back, then pushing up into a handstand. I actually only succeeded perhaps once cleanly. Then several times I could push up, and the legs would be straight for but a moment before coming down to standing position. In between were many failures.

I had S.P. record my aerial attempt as suggested by Andrew last time I came to gymnastics. Watching myself, I could see how terrible my legs were in the air. Now I'm really motivated to improve my splits, in particular my side splits.

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