Gymnastics 20120220

Sometimes I get too much horizontal distance and sometimes I get too much vertical distance. On trying the round off with no hands to practice for an aerial, I left the tumble track and practically cleared the mat. Oops. Then on doing a round off to back handspring to back handspring, the second back handspring went too vertical and my arms collapsed and somewhat came down on my head. Because I was trying to fine tune the round off under supervision, I took away that second back handspring. In any case, the round off to back handspring is looking a lot better. I'm also doing it with a decent amount of confidence.

Instant Comments:
Throw a medicine ball like a soccer ball exercise for front tuck.
Rachel was very helpful. My chest is too high on the aerial. Trying to use the balance beam had it's own difficulties. The chest lifting counters the kick. My leading leg is also letting the following leg catch up. Thus I'm losing speed. The goal is to go from one side splits to the other. Throwing the arms down helps bring the chest down.
An exercise that might help is doing a round off on the tumble track and pull the legs together to land on two feet. After you get used to that, do it like a round off, but don't go down on the hands.
For tumbling, the stone skipping analogy helps. She said her tumbling coach described that tumbling should be like skipping stones on water. The stone skips better when you give it more horizontal distance rather than vertical height.
As usual, but I need to keep reminding myself, let the head follow the hands instead of leading with the head.
More on tumbling, snap and back. But look straight ahead to where you're coming from. That is, don't bring the chin down or up.

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