Gymnastics 20120213

At the start we had a handstand competition. Though unlike the last handstand competition held at the end of the winter session (20120116), walking was not allowed. In any case, reviewing the handstand. Lunge. Arms up. They come down legs come up and together. A fun exercise for those that were able to hold their handstands a while was to pull a hand away and tap the same side shoulder. If you're good you can alternate. Interestingly, I found that if I focused on trying to do that motion, it felt like I was able to get up into a handstand better. Andrew reminded me on one of my attempts to really straighten those arms. Or maybe he said tighten. Either way, I knew what I needed to do. That's one of the tips my friend K.M. from capoeira told me a while ago and ever since I'd prop myself against the wall and make sure to extend away from my shoulders.

Overall, I was able to get the round off to back handspring decent some of the time. At first, prior to the motion, I would keep saying to myself out loud to look back and follow my hands. I wonder if anybody thought I was weird. Sometimes the legs don't come together. I am going back more, but it could be a little more back than up. Repeating the movement several times in a row is tiring. On the other hand, my aerial regressed in an attempt to learn the arm motion correctly. But the idea is that before I was probably trying to turn while in the air, as opposed to twisting and then going into the movement. It's possible I was too tired to have the proper driving force of the back leg, but the arms being used to set the aerial was a new thing to learn. Note that when doing the aerial, the end to the execution is being in a lunge looking back at the direction you came from.

Oh on a different note, I was able to get around to the front seamlessly on the pommel horse. It was an amazing feeling! It would have been extra great to make a full round, but I was extra happy to just get around to the front. I did so about four or five times in a row. I don't know what caused the sudden improvement, but a theory is that one the exercise where you bring one leg over and then the other, I focused on pushing up and instead of leaning past my supporting hand, trying to shift the shoulder up, as Andrew talked about on 20120130. I also felt I was extending from my shoulders and thus positioning myself significantly above the pommel horse.

Instant Comments:
Round off. Jump forward with both legs, then go into the lunge. Reach down and turn the shoulders. Make sure the legs go over the head. Pull them together as soon as you can. Then spring back. Focus on the shoulders. Land on the mat on the back, not the butt. Remember to tighten. For the round off to back handspring, also remember to tighten in the core. Andrew did an exercise where he told me to stiffen. Then he pulls me back and catches me. Then to the left. Then to the right. That way, when the arms go back, the hips don't have a chance to turn. Tighten. Follow the arms. Look back at hands. For the aerial, arms come up and set. Twist the shoulders and drive. 8:32 PM

Drive with the shoulders. Exercise: Do the first half with the mat. That is drive and kick up and over. Then land stomach down on the mat in a superman position. Keep the chest up. 8:33 PM

So the set with the arms is meant to position the shoulders and chest into the right position before the leg drives. 8:47 PM

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