Gymnastics 20120206

Today most, if not all the class, was grouped together to work on front handsprings. I inquired and worked on them a bit in a class a while back. Just getting the basics down. Then last class, another member and myself were doing several of them together. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do them since some time had passed since learning the motion, but they ended up looking okay. I definitely warmed up with a couple of handstand punches (I don't know if they have a real name, but the exercise is to go into a handstand and to hop up by pushing with your hands). This class definitely helped me fine tune the movement, and there will be plenty of more improvement to come. One question I just thought of though is whether the push comes from your hands, elbows, or shoulders. Since if your arms or straight, then it wouldn't be from the elbows. Or maybe the elbows pump just a little. Anyways, I'll ask on 20120220.

Instant Comments:
On front handspring, arms together. Keep them straight. Pull the chest up as you come out of the movement. On round off to back handspring, it's important to lean back from the round off as opposed to forward. It was to late in the class, but Andrew suggested that next week he'll have me round off and spring back onto the mat. Follow follow follow those arms. 8:35 PM

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