Aikido 20120204

So there's an Aikido club on campus and this is the first time I was able to make it. Actually, I tried to come the week or two before, but the location had changed and I was dropped the mailing list. Luckily, as I was walking back home, I passed the SDS room and saw some of the b-boys so I came in to chat with them. I saw the club in the practice room and was able to get back on the mailing list.

It's funny that not too long before the semester, I didn't have enough things to do. Then after the semester started, there's so many things to do that I don't have time to do everything! In particular, I've been too exhausted to attend any, but the first Wednesday Capoeira classes and my Saturdays have been busy enough that I haven't attended any other Saturday Aikido practices.

Instant Comments:
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(1) There was the basic deflection.
: Grab, twist and turn. Together with a two step motion with the legs. Holding stance is helpful.
(2) Then similar, but a hold to the forearm to drive them to the floor.
(3) This next one is hard. Coming in, arm threads through and acts as a fulcrum and up, other arm controls down, then around and their arm bends, bring them down.
: Learning to take advantage of this dynamic between up and down was interesting. Again, stance was also helpful.
(4)One where the free hand leverages the elbow in and pull down. Then the hand that did the leveraging comes up to the chin to bring them down.
(5) Pull around with control around the back to opposite shoulder at the correct time, pull back.
(6) There one where there's a chop and then blow to the head or push at the shoulder.

Key points are keeping tension and pull until you refocus momentum or get them off their footing. Understanding up and down to create that. In general a low stance is very useful.

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