Video Game The Dig (1995)

The Dig (1995)

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The Dig is a point-and-click graphic adventure game. The game started off slow, but the became interesting as soon as the story became interesting.

Playing until I got stuck, I'm now at a point where I assume the four symbols depicted on the purple rod should be entered on one of the panels and thus opening a door. But there are several doors and the entry process is rather slow. I've tried entering the code on all the doors, but maybe they're in the wrong direction. However, I don't want to try entering them in the opposite direction at the moment, so I decided to save the game and stop playing.

On a Mac, I found that all the menu options are found in the menu bar at the top (where the toolbar options for any Mac application is found). From there press save and choose a file to save the game to. Just remember where you saved your game so that you can load it next time you play. The file is about 500 KB.

From what I can recall, the only other point-and-click graphic adventure games I've played are Loom (1990), Sam & Max Save the World Episode Four "Abe Lincoln Must Die" (2007), and, when I was a kid, Mixed-Up Mother Goose (1987). By recommendation, I also own other point-and-click graphic adventure games, but I have yet to play them.

So far, I don't enjoy The Dig as much as Loom or Sam & Max Season One Episode Four, but that might be a premature statement.

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