Video Game Defense Grid: The Awakening (PC) (2008)

Defense Grid: The Awakening (PC) (2008)

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Defense Grid: The Awakening is a traditional tower defense game. With the help of a computer, set up towers and protect your power core from being stolen by enemy aliens.

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Defense Grid is a fun tower defense game, has great visuals, and has an approachable learning curve (mechanics are introduced to the player one at a time, level by level).

In addition to story mode, each level has several challenges to accomplish which adds a lot of replayability.

If you enjoy tower defense games, then this is one to check out.

(A sequel was released in September 2014, but I do not own it.)

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Steam Achievements Earned:
3:46am First Blood
3:47am Hey! That's mine!
3:47am Happy Returns
3:49am Field Promotion
3:50am Leadhead
3:57am Eradicator
3:58am I Spy
3:58am Surplus

Keep the aliens from stealing your cores!
4:00am Burn Baby Burn
4:04am Confident
4:05am Flawless Victory
4:20am Yellow Beats Green
4:23am Salvage Rights
4:24am Arsenal
4:27am Penny Pincher
4:27am Boot Camp
4:38am Pew Pew
4:39am Head Trauma

This Crasher is "slow, but very tough" and he's stolen three of my cores!
4:46am What IS that?
4:48am Exterminator
5:00am Close Call
5:00am Filthy Rich
5:03am Great Ball of Fire
5:32am High Voltage
5:38am Overseer
5:40am Not So Fast
5:44am Kaboom!

Apparently, no Steam achievements were obtained between 20120101 and 20140105.

Several aliens will have successfully left with some of my cores.
Steam Achievements Earned:
7:16pm Liquidator
7:52pm No Sale

Story Mode:
In the first level, "The Awakening," the player only gets to build the Gun tower.

In the second level, "Assessing the Threat," the player also gets to build the Inferno tower. In this level, a player is told that enemies may have different weaknesses and that its important to pay attention to each tower's range.

I don't think I'm gonna make it!
In the third level, "Ancient Research," the player gets to build the powerful Laser tower. Also learned is the ability to upgrade a tower.

In the fourth level, "The Long Descent," the player acquires the ability to build the Temporal tower. It slows enemies down.
: I made the mistake of building a Temporal tower too early. I would have had better chances if I had built two or three offensive towers first.

They have shields? No fair!
In the fifth level, "Out of Fuel," the player gets the Meteor tower, which has low accuracy, but extraordinary range and power. About halfway into the level, the player also gets to make secondary upgrades.
: I thought the enemies come from the bottom, but they actually come from the top and leave through the bottom.
: Also, it turns out the range of the Meteor tower is much larger than that of the indicator.