Movie Project A 2 (1987)

Watched 20120112 (Netflix, Instant, HD) (English audio) 101 min
Project A 2 (1987) Jackie Chan. 101 min
also known as 'A' gai wak juk jap (original title)

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As usual, I definitely enjoy all the action in a Jackie Chan movie. The scene where all the different characters were showing up at the one girl's home was funny, and perhaps my favorite. The fighting sequence where Dragon and Chun were cuffed together was also entertaining and at times funny. I don't remember much about Project A (1983), but that didn't affect my understanding of Project A 2 in any way. The only thing that bothered me from time to time were the different accents. Overall, one of my more liked Jackie Chan movies. Better than this movie is Rumble in the Bronx (1995) and Little Big Soldier (2010). I'd say better than those, preferring more traditional martial art movies, are The Young Master (1980), Drunken Master (1978), and Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978). On the other hand, I like this movie more than Thunderbolt (1995) and Gorgeous (1999). And those I like better than Heart of Dragon (1985).

As the credits role, then footage of various takes are shown as well as a Jackie Chan singing the end credit song.