Movie The Forgotten (2004)

Watched once before.
Watched 20120118 10PM (Netflix, Instant) (English subtitles)
The Forgotten (2004) Joseph Ruben. 91 min.

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This movie suffers from a terrible plot. The progression of the movie is just ridiculous. The NSA does a terrible job at capturing the protagonist, who has no reason to be able to outrun and hide from them. When you find out what's happening in the movie, you can't help but wonder how the person(s) running the show could possibly screw up. Having already seen the movie, there was only one part of the movie that remained surprising to me. In any case, there is no way that I could watch this movie again and reasonably enjoy it. I recommend you save yourself the trouble and avoid this movie. Maybe it never even existed. You're crazy. :)

Instant Comments:
i guess having already seen the movie and knowing what happens, then it's not really interesting. everything becomes obvious. i suppose there's no harm. but i feel you really couldn't go beyond a second watching of this movie.
one thing that's silly is how crappy the NSA agents in this movie are.
i suppose the movie already made itself obvious @40 minutes or so... but definitely @1h12 they just make the obvious. with ann pope and the dude and ash.
Oh i guess i forgot the little part @1h15.
i definitely remember the strong emotion this movie evoked when i first watched it and still so. But as a whole the movie isn't that great. The ending starting @1h18 is great. i guess that's my favorite part.
the particular part i like and remember is @1h22.
"his name is Sam, you son of a bitch."
[i wonder if i like the alternate ending more. i must of also watched deleted scenes, because i remember there was a scene where there was tension in the bedroom between telly and ash]
strange for telly that she has to remember that she went through a year without her son.