Movie Conversations with Other Women (2005)

Watched 20120115 (Netflix, Instant) (English subtitles)
Conversations with Other Women (2005) Hans Canosa. 84 min.

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I enjoyed watching this movie. It was kind of strange, yet enjoyable. While watching the movie, I had certain expectations of how I wanted it to end, but the ending was quite different from expectations, with one exception. The split screen style of the movie was done well. The simplicity of the movie meant that it depended heavily on dialogue. But the split screen helps in adding complexity and opens up opportunities with the dialogue.

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started around 9 pm
lol @7minutes something editorial note there's only one good couple dancing... everybody else speed up or slow down hahaha
split screen is interesting
haha i don't know why that line rings so nicely: let's just say 15 years bast 23 on august the 12th.
hahaha "don't worry about him he's trying to get laid"
that was funny. and what are you waiting for? Ladies first.
olivia wilde... ;)
haha: we sleep in separate beds. but sometimes i push them together. why? [it's cute how helena bonham carter says "why?"]
i was waiting for when, and when it happened, i was wondering how. so i went back some frames, and it's after a big truck passes.