Movie Billy Madison (1995)

Watched 20120123 12AM (Netflix, Instant)
Billy Madison (1995) Tamra Davis. 89 min.

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I like the second half of the movie a lot better than the first half. Overall, the movie is average for me. I like Click (2006), which is the last Adam Sandler movie prior to Billy Madison, more. And while it's been a long time since I've seen them, I recall 50 First Dates (2004) and The Wedding Singer (1998) being better movies than Billy Madison.

Originally, I thought I didn't like the movie, because of Sandler's childlike character at the beginning. But I think he used the same character throughout The Waterboy (1998) which is a movie I remember liking. Though I think The Waterboy is the first Sandler movie I ever saw in theaters and I don't remember seeing it since, so maybe I wouldn't like The Waterboy as much if I saw it now either.

Going beyond Adam Sandler movies, I definitely like plenty of other comedies I've seen recently: Horrible Bosses (2011), Borat (2006), Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011), and Swingers (1996). Movies I don't like as much as Billy Madison include: Almost Heroes (1998), Gulliver's Travels (2010), and BASEketball (1998).

After making my comparisons, it would seem reasonable to clarify that "average" here is along the lines of the adjectives "decent" and "good." Those three adjectives fall below the class of "great," "awesome," and "fantastic." Obviously there's often much more to a movie than just an adjective, and many features remain beyond my ability to review, but I do my best to compare and judge from my point of view and memory. Cheers!

Instant Comments:
lol he's eating the paste
What's the teacher doing with the paste?
lol the clown hahahaha. up until now, not so funny.
wheee... that's nice.
hahahaha Principal Anderson
lol Chris Farley the bus driver
haha why is Billy's two friends there stealing sandwiches too?
that wet your pants scene is probably the second most memorable for me (around 45 min)
oh i forgot about him calling up his old high school buddies and apologizing. (1 hr) Steve Buscemi crosses him off. hahahaha.
lol "Don't I have a nice rack?" I forgot there was a musical number.
hahaha. now Eric's secretary is in a coma.
haha 1h13 + 1h14 was most memorable, but not as great or funny as I remember
hahahaha @1h17. O'Doyle rules! so horrible, yet so funny
hahahaha everyone in the room is dumber for your response.
lol all the couples kissing