Gymnastics 20120130

After learning about the ground exercise for the pommel horse (technically for the second time), I have on several occasions practiced it in the dance studio (with socks on). Perhaps all that practice paid off, because I was able to come around to the front on 20120213.

Instant Comments:
Back handspring: bring those arms back. I stay straight on the trampoline. Keep the legs straight, don't Spider-man. Then punch at the end to get into whatever might come next. Front tuck is improving. 8:52PM
Aerial is still failing, but kick is a bit faster. Front handspring is about three for four. Bent crooked on last. Then pommel swing back. Arms loose and weight transfer. 8:53PM
Ground exercise with push-up, spread the legs, swing, and shift. Wear socks. 8:57PM

Linguistic remark: The text message originally had "crkkd," but I couldn't figure out. However, after I translated "trsfr" to "transfer," I somehow realized that "crkkd" was "crooked."

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