Gymnastics 20120116 (Last Class of Session)

It was my first class coming back from California and the last class of the session. I was excited, but also a little rusty.

Doing a back handspring is so psychological. It's easy to go straight back on the trampoline, and it's good to warm-up there a couple times before moving to the ground. There have been several occasions where simply the thought that someone might support me (when I do it on the ground) is what makes it perfect. By perfect, I mean looking straight back, no hesitation, feet together, a nice angle, and that feeling where I just nail it. I typically know when I go sideways, but it's hard to defeat the fear. While a possibility is to imagine someone there ready to support you, it's not as easy as having someone stand there. And even if someone stands there, it's different if somehow you were given the impression they would support you and don't. It takes time, but slowly the confidence replaces the fear.

At the end of class we had a handstand competition. Though unlike 20120213, we were allowed to walk. It came down to a young girl who came with her mom and a guy who did his handstands with his legs apart. I recall the young girl winning. I believe L.B. came in third. Yay L.B.!

Instant Comments:
Gotta look back and see her. Line. Ears. You can do it perfect on the spring and mat. Just get rid of fear. Better straight and bad then sideways. 8:18PM
Pommel horse. Get leg to beam. Swing hips. Get that body out. Andrew lifted my legs up at least a foot away from the pommel horse to explain how high and extended I should be getting up and away from it. 8:24PM

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