Parkour 20111214

5 laps warm-up
Some sort of lunges
Hops forwards and backwards. Arms straight up close against ears. Both. Then left. Then right.
Push-ups along beam. Moving one hand on each push-up. Basically one wide, one short.
Hops up and down on beam.
Hops up and forward then up and backward. Keep shoulders roughly over the beam.
Hops over and back over the beam.
Calf raises. Both, then left, then right.

[[Front flip, arms straight up when preparing to jump. Drive the butt/hip up. Then bring the arms forward for the tuck. This way you have all the momentum going up. The arms coming down afterwards for the rotation. Yeah that helped a lot. I got a lot more rotation and after I landed my body was tilted forward.]]

Ab work. Hold. In and out. Hold. Rest. Hold. Bicycle. Hold. Rest. Hold. Scissors. Hold. Rest.

Parallel bars made uneven and we went down and back using the following variations. One hand and foot on each bar. Both feet on one bar. Both Hands on one bar. Coming back, the two hands or feet should switch bar.

Push-ups along beam. Except now with the feet on the beam and the hands on the floor.

50 jumps on the really soft mat. It absorbs all your momentum and gets tiring at some point depending on your fitness level and how much you try to put into your jumps.

[[Round-off. My arms were off. J suggested to keep them straight aligned with the spine as with the front flip. During the lunge, the arms and spine should line up with the hind leg. Stay straight. Then as the arms are planted, you do that quarter turn and you're sideways when you're at your peak. Then complete that turn so that you face back where you came from coming up.]]

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