Video Game Zen Bound 2 (PC) (2010)

Zen Bound 2 (PC) (2010)

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Zen Bound is a meditative game where your goal is wrap a finite length of rope around a (wooden or stone) object and thereby covering it in paint.

Choose a Tree (= A Collection of Levels)
While an important goal for each level is to cover one-hundred percent of the object's surface, the eager player can also focus on reducing the length of rope used to do so. Note however that a player earns one flower for seventy percent (also the minimum to complete a level), two flowers for eighty percent, and three flowers for ninety-nine percent. Earn flowers to unlock more levels, but earn 100% of all levels for an achievement.

Zen Bound 2 is a great game for touch devices, but is also enjoyable with a mouse (or keyboard).

Then again, impatient players may not enjoy Zen Bound to the fullest, because achieving 100% on a level can require planning and patience.

With that being said, I love the game's aesthetics and I'm glad that I own the game.

Steam Achievments:
9:32am Getting the Hang of It
11:02am Anti Spike
11:06am Unwinder

Prior to playing on 20140929, I had completed the following:
[1] 15/15 Tree of Introduction (Completed)

Choose a Level.
[2] 15/36 Tree of Vitality
[3] 06/36 Tree of Challenge

After playing today, the following changes occurred:
[2] 22/36 Tree of Vitality
[4] 09/36 Tree of Nostalgia

As of 20150214, I've played Zen Bound for two hours and last played it on 20140929.

Today I completed the Tree of Vitality. I decided, however, not to focus on getting 100% on all it's levels.

Afterwards I also played a couple of levels from the Tree of Challenge, but I soon got bored and stopped.

After playing today, the following changes occurred:
[2] 30/36 Tree of Vitality (Completed)
[3] 14/36 Tree of Challenge

A nice level for unlocking the Pacifist Achievement.

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