Video Game Lume (2011)

Lume (2011)

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I played and got stuck at the kitchen cabinet. The game ran sluggishly on my laptop. I plan to move my Steam installation back to the main drive. I played through again on a different computer and was still stuck. I played through again today on my Mac and I couldn't make heads nor tails of the clue in the library book. After falling asleep and waking up a little frustrated, I looked up the solution to the puzzle. It was a little ridiculous, but I suppose with enough patience it would have revealed itself. I suppose I'm also not used to these point and click games. There's certain indications of what you should focus on. When I learned that was the end of Lume: Part 1, I was a little sad. I definitely look forward to the rest of Lume.

The game's art design is absolutely wonderful. $3.49 well spent.

I remember the solution to many of the puzzles, but not the solution to the musical door. But it's one of those things you just can't stop thinking about. So after leaving the game I turned it back on and tried exploring the house again. One of the items I found fixed the object that gives the hint to opening the musical door.

I'm not sure if the ending was changed since I last played, but playing through the game today, I felt a sense of closure with how it ended. To clarify, before I felt the game left off with a cliffhanger, whereas now, the character Lumi still might have other places to explore, but this chapter is complete.

I would like to say that the puzzles in this game when seen for the first time may be difficult. But its such a short game that one should savor the time spent trying to figure out each and every puzzle. Of course, beyond the puzzles are the visuals. The visuals are just wonderful to look at.

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