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Commando (1985) Mark L. Lester. 90 min.

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John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a former soldier of some sort, lives alone in the mountains with his daughter Jenny. Then one day Major General Franklin Kirby, a former superior of Matrix, comes to inform him that some of Matrix's men have been killed and Matrix might be next. Kirby leaves two men with Matrix and leaves. Soon after leaving, a group of men ambush the house.

The men take Jenny hostage and Matrix follows in pursuit. However, he's outnumbered and tranquilized. Before being knocked out by the tranquilizer, he sees that Bennett, one of the former soldiers supposedly killed, is alive and allied with the enemy. When Matrix wakes, he's told he has to kill a man or else his daughter will die. Desperate to help his daughter, Matrix gives in to their demand.

The job requires taking a plane trip 11 hours away and Matrix is escorted by two men to the airport, one who gets onto the plane with Matrix and another that stays around to make sure Matrix got onto the plane. Matrix, however, doesn't leave on the plane and manages to escape. He follows the guy who stayed behind, forcing a girl named Cindy to help. Following a trail of evidence, the two make their way to the island where Matrix's daughter is being held.

You'll have to watch the movie to really feel the action though. No words can describe the great brawling and action.

Great action movie. It doesn't compare to Die Hard (1988), which is my current favorite action movie. I think one reason I don't like this movie as much is because it can be unreasonably over the top. A particular example is the scene where Matrix, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, runs a bulldozer into a closed army surplus shop.

The constant music definitely helps the mood of film. I'd say it's around the quality of Conan the Barbarian (1982). Conan had scenes I didn't like, but also had great scenes. This movie in contrast was consistently good, but didn't have epic moments the way Conan did. My favorite scene was when the girl, Cindy, fires the rocket launcher.

I like it.

Instant Comments:
Whoa, this action movie has a great pace. The music is particularly exciting. The horns.
Lol. The lady sort of skews the story a bit. She was partially the cause of all the ruckus. Though I suppose I would have initially been worried and told the cops too.
Great one liners.
When he (John Matrix) goes into the warehouse and sneaks around, I suddenly wanted to play Splinter Cell. That was a great game. Lol, I made that comment before he knocked the guy out and carried him into the closet. But he did it with much greater ease than Sam Fisher (the game character).
Well, actually some bad one liners too.
The silliest part of the movie was why his daughter would reveal herself before she saw him. Stupid. And then she watches the whole fight and hardly reacting.

This movie is pure action. Arnold just runs around using his muscles to do all sorts of crazy feats of strength. Some of these include pulling a car seat out of a car, lifting a telephone booth up and over his head, and pushing a car on its side back onto its wheels. Then at the end of the movie, there's a scene where he just shoots every person in sight, stabs a soldier with a pitchfork, throws some saw blades like ninja stars, throws some hatchets, and resumes shooting every person in sight.

Reading my previous entry, I feel like I enjoyed the movie more this time than last time.

Instant Comments:
"Right?" "Wrong."
"I'll be back, Bennett."
"That's why I'm gonna kill you last."
"Do me a favor and don't disturb my friend. He's *dead* tired."
Part of the music, I believe, is steel drums. Or maybe it's a xylophone.
"What important is gravity."
"I lied."
"What'd you do with Sully?" "I let him go."
"Fuck YOU asshole."
"These guys eat too much red meat."
Where did he get the keys to the bulldozer? Did he hot wire it? Actually, with his skills, I'm surprised he didn't know how to pick a lock.
Ha, when Matrix blows up the barracks, you can clearly see that the men being blown up right next to the buildings are mannequins.