Gymnastics 20111121

8:22PM Watch those arms and let arms dictate back handspring. Yes. Bring arms up before the jump. Then pull in.
8:41PM Front walkover with momentum. Arm circle and pop. Run arms up and pop. DRIVE back leg over. Other follows together. Keep arms at sides of head.

Today I start by practicing my back handsprings on the floor. My confidence is growing. My form is improving, mainly I'm going back in a line.

I would occasionally practice doing an aerial on the trampoline. I'm definitely getting the feel of it. Maybe next class I'll try it on the floor.

After a couple of aerials, I joined a group of other people doing front tucks. It's important to raise those arms in front when jumping up so they can swing and pull in. At the beginning I had my arms near my side and that was bad. After getting that step, then it was a matter of opening at the right time.

Then L.B. was showing me her front handspring and I decided I wanted to learn how to do that. I asked around and got some good instruction on the basics. I can't wait to practice some more.

Note: Immediately on the first aerial I did, the affected joint or muscle pain from last week returned. Staying away from the aerial helped minimize aggravating the pain. The pain disappeared faster than last week. This is promising. I wouldn't want a repeat of the inflammation to my heel which I encountered in Capoeira. That took forever to heal because I would start playing Capoeira before it was completely back to normal.

Perhaps next week I can do exercises related to the pommel horse and parallel bars.

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