Game Steam (2009)

20111124: (AM hours)
It was getting late, but after playing Dominion, Ryan was reading rules for a board game called Steam and somehow we decided to play it (as of 20170530 I don't remember).

"Originally, I only want to read the rule[s]. But finally, we ha[d] a two-player game to try [it]." - Ryan (Facebook)

The rules for track building were confusing, but at the end of the day I would suggest a new player keep the following in mind:
1) A player cannot build off or connect to another person's track
2) A player can try to cut another person off, forcing the other person to redirect or improve on the first player's track

"It's the end of ou[r] testing [the] game. It looks so nice. I won." - Ryan (Facebook)


The following comes from Ryan's photo record (on Facebook).

"Near the end of [a] three-player game of Steam." - Ryan (Facebook)
"This is our final board. [There are] so many railroads. It's interesting that my domain (Orange) has no intersection with Mark's domain (Natural)." - Ryan (Facebook)
"Final scoring: 1st rank, Mark, 62pts. 2nd rank, Ryan, 56pts. 3rd rank,Tim, 40pts." - Ryan (Facebook)


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