Walking (Determining Average Daily Step Count)

Using the values below (19 values) and ignoring the fact that any physical activity and exercise (such as modern dance) would add to that count, my average daily step count is 5205 steps (I rounding up to the nearest integer). Ignoring the value of 0, my average daily step count is 5493 steps (rounding up to the nearest integer). There are some problems with this figure. There were two days which I intentionally walked more than I normally would, 20110925 and 20111007. 20110930 is missing a bunch of counts. Being sick for part of the time and inherently walking less, 20111001 to 20111005. For all intents and purposes, let's say the problems perfectly cancelled each other out. Therefore, I should start my primary goal of 10,000 steps a day at 5500 steps a day and increasing the daily number of steps by 500 steps every week.

20110923:Fr: =04163
20110924:Sa: =11418
20110925:Su: ~07000
20110926:Mo: =02868
20110927:Tu: =05173
20110928:We: ~07100
20110929:Th: ~03800 + Modern Dance
20110930:Fr: >07065
20111001:Sa: ~00000
20111002:Su: ~02000
20111003:Mo: ~03350
20111004:Tu: See note below
20111005:We: See note below
20111006:Th: ~05050
20111007:Fr: ~07000
20111009:Su: ~01250
20111011:Tu: ~05000 + Modern Dance
20111012:We: ~06700 + Rock Climbing
20111013:Th: ~03100 + Modern Dance
20111014:Fr: ~06600 + Racquetball
20111015:Sa: =10230

20110924: The distance around the block is about 800 steps. (450 ft, 390 ft, 470 ft, 400 ft; total: 1710 ft). I had 3842 written down, but I sent a text to myself on 20110925 stating that I walked a total of 11418 steps. My guess is 3842 steps was the distance I acquired in the morning, but after a lot of walking in the evening, I had accumulated 11418 steps.
20110925: The distance between my place and J.R.'s place is between 1.3 and 1.4 miles. I walked there and back. (1.3 miles is 6864 ft) (1.4 miles is 7392 ft) (Using data from 20110924, 1.3 to 1.4 miles is 3221 to 3458 steps)
20110926: The distance between my place to class is between .3 miles = 1584 feet and .4 miles = 2112 feet. It's about 900 steps. The distance around the block is about 632 steps. This value is less than the value recorded on 20110924.
20110927: I must do a fair amount of walking in the classroom. Though some of the distance I owe to forgetting my book in Bloomberg; I had to walk back there to get it.
20110930: This was the step count starting from getting off the metro. L.C. walked the same distance, but only logged 5214 steps.
20111003: The distance between my place and my old place is about .4 miles.
20111004: I was sick and didn't go to my morning class, but I taught class. So I walked at least from home to Bloomberg, to Krieger, to home.
20111005: I went to class. So I probably walked from home to Shaffer, to Krieger, to Whitehead, to Krieger to home.
20111007: ~5000 steps before the concert and ~2000 steps after the concert
20111013: The distance between my place and my class is about 1200 steps. After class, I accidentally reset the counter while I was trying to juggle. I should add 1200 steps to whatever I record on my pedometer at the end of the day. Did another 1900 steps afterwards.

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