Gymnastics 20111031

I wrote: "Back handsprings. Four stations. Jump up a block about three or four feet high. Roll over this roller. Bend and jump back onto a mat. Handstand and tuck in. Trampoline. Bend and then jump back (the instructor pushes you forward and back down. Next step, instructor spots you. Self. Front tuck on the trampoline." 9:13 PM

I wrote: "Thighs were really aching from Mon. Good amount of neck and back. Dance helped temporarily relieve some of the achiness. At the moment I'm feeling the thigh still." 20111102 6:16 AM

I wrote: "The front tucks on the trampoline were awesome fun to try. Need to throw hands. Tuck faster. Open and look and spot "window". Don't brace fall with hands." 20111102 6:19 AM

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