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I recall making several mistakes during the draft, such as scrolling down and forgetting to scroll back up when picking. Or forgetting that I had a specific position selected, meaning there were plenty of "better" players in other positions that I bypassed. I'm not sure how well I did in terms of the order of the positions I picked up. In hindsight, I could have picked up my first QB earlier, and wait until filling the starting positions to pick up a second QB. Also, I could have omitted a second TE and a second D/ST. In the future, I'd probably go with something like QBtoQB RBtoRB WRtoWR QBtoBench1 RBtoRB WRtoWR RBtoRB/WR WRtoBench2 RBtoBench3 WRtoBench4 TEtoTE RBtoBench5 WRtoBench6 D/STtoD/ST KtoK TEtoBench7. This totals 2 QBs, 5 RBs, 5 WRs, 2 TEs, 1 D/ST, and 1 K. Then by the time BYE weeks come, I can open up 1 RB and 1 WR spot to pick up temporary D/ST and K. My draft order below was RB RB WR QB RB WR WR QB RB WR TE D/ST RB WR K D/ST, for a similar total 2 QBs, 5 RBs, 5 WRs, 1 TE, 2 D/ST, and 1 K. So my numbers were right, but my order was a little off.

The Draft:
Arian Foster, Hou RB to RB
Steven Jackson, Stl RB to RB
Hakeem Nicks, NYG WR to WR
Josh Freeman, TB QB to QB [traded for Drew Brees, NO QB 20110920]
BenJarvus Green-Ellis, NE RB to RB/WR
Wes Welker, NE WR to WR
Anquan Boldin, Bal WR to Bench
Eli Manning, NYG QB to Bench [replaced with R.G. 20110918][replaced R.G. 20110928]
Daniel Thomas, Mia RB to Bench [dropped 20110916]
Mike Thomas, Jac WR to Bench [traded for Brandon Lloyd, Den WR 20110920]
Kellen Winslow, TB TE to TE [replaced with Aaron Hernandez, NE TE 20110914]
Ravens D/ST, Bal D/ST to D/ST
Ricky Williams, Bal RB to Bench [traded for Ben Tate, Hou RB 20110920]
Hines Ward, Pit WR to Bench [replaced with Kenny Britt, Ten WR 20110914]
Josh Brown, StL K to K [dropped 20110927]
Saints D/ST to Bench [dropped 20110914]


New Orleans Saints 34 @ Green Bay Packers 42,
Watched @ Ledo Pizza


Pittsburgh Steelers 7 @ Baltimore Ravens 35
Watched @ J.P.


New England Patriots 38 @ Miami Dolphins 24
Watched @ Home


14 QB Josh Freeman
11 RB Steven Jackson
09 RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis
28 RB/WR Wes Welker (WR) - I was so excited to be watching the Patriots and Dolphins game. I only needed a couple of points form either BJGE or Welker, and there were only so many minutes left in the game that I was sitting on the edge of my seat. What a way to end my first fantasy football match-up.
12 WR Hakeem Nicks
13 WR Anquan Boldin
06 TE Kellen Winslow
21 D/ST Ravens D/ST
07 K Josh Brown
00 Arian Foster RB - I remember Foster being questionable and so I decided not to start him. He in fact did not play.
14 Eli Manning QB
00 Daniel Thomas RB
05 Mike Thomas WR
06 Ricky Williams RB
06 Hines Ward WR
04 Saints D/ST D/ST


20110914 4:32 AM Dropped Kellen Winslow, TB TE Added Aaron Hernandez, TB TE from Waivers
20110914 4:32 AM Dropped Hines Ward, Pit WR Added Kenny Britt, Ten WR from Waivers
20110914 4:32 AM Dropped Saints D/ST, NO D/ST Added David Akers, SF K from Waivers
20110916 10:53 AM Dropped Daniel Thomas, Mia RB Added Jermaine Gresham, Cin TE from FA
20110918 10:44 AM Dropped Eli Manning, NYG QB Added Rex Grossman, Wsh QB from FA
20110918 11:03 AM Dropped Jermaine Gresham, Cin TE Added Dustin Keller, NYJ TE from FA

Baltimore Ravens 13 @ Tennessee Titans 26
Watched @ J.B.


It's sad having the bench players score more than the starters. However, I still would have loss. Theoretical earnings: QB 3, WR 5, TE 4, K 7, total earnings 19, total theoretical 97. My match-up's theoretical earnings: WRtoRB 13, WR 4, total earnings 17, total theoretical 106.

12 QB Josh Freeman
03 RB Arian Foster - I was hopeful that Foster would make a return in this game, unfortunately he left the game early. On the plus side, he scored more Fantasy points than my benched running backs (Steven Jackson 00 and Ricky Williams -02)
13 RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis
08 RB/WR Wes Welker (WR) - I was hoping for the same big numbers this week as I got from Welker last week, but it just didn't happen.
04 WR Anquan Boldin
19 WR Kenny Britt
12 TE Aaron Hernandez
-01 D/ST Ravens D/ST
08 K David Akers
00 Steven Jackson RB
09 Hakeem Nicks WR
02 Mike Thomas WR
-02 Ricky Williams RB
10 Josh Brown K
15 Rex Grossman QB
16 Dustin Keller TE


20110920 7:19 AM SPIN traded Drew Brees, NO QB, Brandon LLoyd, Den WR, Ben Tate, Hou RB to Dancers OCD traded Josh Freeman, TB QB, Mike Thomas, Jac WR, Ricky Williams, Bal RB to TeamName.

NY Giants 29 @ Philadelphia Eagles 16
Watched @ Home

Baltimore Ravens 37 @ St. Louis Rams 7
Watched @ J.R.

Green Bay Packers 27 @ Chicago Bears 17
Occasionally Watched @ J.R.


26 QB Drew Brees
01 RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis
08 RB Ben Tate - with Foster out, I had no trouble putting Tate in
34 RB/WR Wes Welker (WR) - so many points from Welker, its amazing
02 WR Hakeem Nicks
-01 WR Kenny Britt - suffered a season ending injury
08 TE Dustin Keller
20 D/ST Ravens D/ST - The Raven's defense surprised me this week with a fumble return touchdown (H.Ngata) against the St. Louis Rams
01 K Josh Brown
00 Arian Foster RB
02 Steven Jackson RB
07 Anquan Boldin WR
00 Aaron Hernandez TE
09 David Akers K
10 Rex Grossman QB
03 Brandon Lloyd WR


20110927 9:56 AM Dropped Kenny Britt, Ten WR
20110927 10:51 AM Dropped Josh Brown, StL K
20110928 4:32 AM Dropped Rex Grossman, Wsh QB Added Eli Manning, NYG QB from Waivers
Eye on Daniel Thomas
20110928 4:32 AM Added Eric Decker, Den WR from Waivers
Eye on Torrey Smith, Bal WR
Eye on Nate Washington, Ten WR
Eye on Kendall Hunter, SF RB
Eye on Felix Jones, Dal RB over BenJarvus Green-Ellis, NE RB
20110928 4:32 AM Added 49ers D/ST, SF D/ST from Waivers
Eye off Daniel Thomas

New York Jets 17 @ Baltimore Ravens 34
Watched @ J.P.

Fun game to watch, for the first two or so quarters:
The Ravens make a fumble return early first quarter. Only to be immediately followed by a 107 yd kickoff return by J.McKnight of the Jets (though not as exciting after already seeing Randall Cobb run a 108 yd kickoff return on 20110908*). Ray Rice makes a touch-down, no big deal (see the Fantasy Related section below). Another fumble return by the Ravens in the second quarter! Of course the Jets manage to make an interception return. Finally, the Ravens make an interception return in the third quarter and the rest of the game ended up being a bore.

*Two kickoff return touchdowns I didn't see were Ted Ginn (SF) 102 yd against Seattle Seahawks on 20110911 and Percy Harvin (Min) 103 yd against San Diego Chargers on 2011091.


Fantasy Related:
Prior to this game, I had managed to accumulate 108 points with my match-up at 102. I had left to play TE Dustin Keller NYJ and D/ST Ravens D/ST, while my match-up had left to play RB Ray Rice. Only having a six point lead with Ray Rice on your opponents team against a tight end and a defense is scary. I had hope where I had no hope before, but things still looked bleak. The projected scores pointed to a tie of 125 points. Now I was definitely rooting for the Ravens, but in this game, every time R.Rice got the ball, I said things like, "Take him down!" or "Flacco, pass it to someone else!" But then comes the Ravens defense! The first time they made a touchdown I was surprised, because I didn't expect them to do what they did for me last week. But they did it again, and again! Watching the replay of their third touchdown (the second fumble return), it's interesting to see one of the NYJ players slowing down and looking in the direction of the QB. The NYJ player to his right sees J.Johnson pick up the ball and run it. By then it's too late. I suppose that's the big advantage of a fumble, the confusion.

Points Slot Player - Comment
15 QB Drew Brees - he performed less than I expected
22 RB Arian Foster (P) - risky as he might have shared time with Ben Tate, but I had to take the risk for a chance to come close to the opposing team's projected points
11 RB Steven Jackson (P) - not nearly as risky as Foster, but my only other RB option (I was definitely leaving Tate benched) was BenJarvus Green-Ellis. However, I read that BJGE is inconsistent. I'd rather play risky due to recovering from injuring than risky due to inconsistency.
13 RB/WR Brandon Lloyd (WR) - this was a very tough call. Unlike Tate's role next to Foster, Eric Decker's role next to Lloyd worried me. I did in fact consider the possibility that Decker would earn more fantasy points than Lloyd. In the end, I figured the situation was possible, but I have to go with the majority and play Lloyd over Decker. Note that in my fantasy league, Decker did earn more than Lloyd, though if its any consolation, only by 4 fantasy points.
22 WR Hakeem Nicks (P) - I've been waiting for this player to recover, and luckily he earned me a lot of points
21 WR Wes Welker - I think Welker is my #1 fantasy points contributor so far, and he's been doing so consistently too.
01 TE Dustin Keller - With Aaron Hernandez listed as OUT for Sunday's game, I had to play Keller. Of course, this wasn't a big deal, since he was projected for 11 points. But I've learned it's sort of a toss-up when it comes to tight ends.
32 D/ST Ravens D/ST - They pulled through for me last week and I was hoping they'd do the same for me this week. It turns out, they did what they did last week three times for me this week, unbelievable!
04 K David Akers - Like the tight end position, I sort of didn't expect much.
13 BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
02 Anquan Boldin WR
00 Aaron Hernandez TE (O)
02 Ben Tate RB (Q) - apparently Tate's groin acted up, bummer for Tate, good for Foster as a Fantasy player
18 Eli Manning QB - Manning ended up doing better than Brees this week, but I'll probably continue to play Brees
17 Eric Decker WR
02 49ers D/ST D/ST - I tried adding other players from the waivers last Wednesday, but most didn't go through because I was low on the list. The 49ers was last in terms of priority, I added them in preparation for the Raven's bye during week 5.

My match-up:
17 QB Philip Rivers, 18 RB Ray Rice, 14 RB Ryan Mathews, 10 RB/WR Cedric Benson (RB), 16 WR Vincent Jackson, 17 WR DeSean Jackson, 10 TE Jimmy Graham, 01 D/ST Steelers D/ST, 08 K Stephen Gostkowski.

20111005 4:32 AM Dropped 49ers D/ST, SF D/ST Added Giants D/ST, NYG D/ST from Waivers
20111005 4:32 AM Dropped Ben Tate, Hou RB Added Ryan Torain, Wsh RB from Waivers
20111007 8:04 AM Dropped David Akers, SF K Added Jason Hanson, Det K from Waivers


Tennessee Titans 17 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 38
Watched @ Home

New York Jets 21 @ New England Patriots 30
Watched @ Home
With the New York Jets covering Welker, Green-Ellis saw the ball a lot more and made two touch-downs!

After the above game ended, the network switched to San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos. There was 24 seconds on the clock. I saw Brandon Lloyd make a catch that was right on the edge of the field. The play went under review. He had no fantasy points up until then. The play was good. 1 rec 20 yds. It was a close game. The Broncos had one 1 play left to make, and it was close, but no cigar. Note: I didn't care who won, I simply made the observation that it was a close game.

20 QB Drew Brees
17 RB Arian Foster (P) - After his performance in Week 4, I had no doubt about starting him this week. Unfortunately no touchdowns this week from Foster.
26 RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis - Wow. BJGE really pulled through for the Patriots as they needed to focus more on a running game. Two touchdowns!
02 RB/WR Brandon Lloyd (WR) - I'm not sure how many times Lloyd was targeted, but I saw the catch that earned him 20 yards and that happened in the last 30 seconds of the Broncos and Chargers game.
12 WR Hakeem Nicks
12 WR Wes Welker - I read that Welker would be up against Revis Island (Darrelle Revis).
00 TE Dustin Keller - Wow, Keller got 0 and Hernandez got 5.
06 D/ST Giants D/ST - I think one unfortunate thing is if the opponent scores against the offense, say by interception returned for a touchdown, then I'm pretty sure those points are used to compute "points allowed" for the defense
06 K Jason Hanson
BYE Steven Jackson RB
BYE Anquan Boldin WR
BYE Ravens D/ST D/ST
05 Aaron Hernandez TE (P)
20 Eli Manning QB
00 Eric Decker WR
BYE Ryan Torain RB

I didn't watch any games this Sunday. I recall turning on the television to look for games, and ended up watching the end of a female gymnastics competition, floor exercise. It was the final three competitors with guaranteed medals. The penultimate competitor came in with a cushion and made the mistake of stepping out. But the last competitor lost control on a spin and took a large step, among other little steps. After receiving her floor exercise score, her total score lost by .033. That's heartbreaking for her. Thus the penultimate competitor got the gold medal.
15.716 13.600 15.266 14.800 59.382 Jordyn Wieber (USA)
14.933 15.400 14.683 14.333 59.349 Viktoria Komova (RUS)
14.966 14.933 13.933 14.766 58.598 Yao Jinnan (CHN)

Points Projections Position Name
15 23 QB Drew Brees
09 16 RB Arian Foster
11 13 RB Steven Jackson
02 14 RB/WR Ryan Torain (RB) - With BJGE getting a toe injury, I decided to give Torain a shot
09 16 WR Hakeem Nicks
10 19 WR Wes Welker
10 11 TE Aaron Hernandez
06 06 D/ST Ravens D/ST
06 14 K Jason Hanson
06 06 BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
13 10 Anquan Boldin WR
05 04 Dustin Keller TE
BYE BYE Brandon Lloyd WR
11 16 Eli Manning QB
BYE BYE Eric Decker WR
05 09 Daniel Thomas RB

The outcome was incredibly out of my favor. The only players to EXCEED their projected points this week were Anquan Boldin and Dustin Keller.

Not only did my match-up beat me, 97 to 79, but had he made the proper switches and played according to projections he would have earned an extra (22-2)+(3-4)=19 points for a final score of 116.


I was told by my roommate this morning that my team so far got a lot of points. I didn't follow the point gains at all this Sunday. Undoubtedly the entertainment value has declined; in part because four of the ten league participants don't fully participate.


Baltimore Ravens 7 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 12
Watched @ Home

What a disappointing game. My roommate and I had some hope at the end that the Ravens might pull through. But the failed onside kick followed by the interception made for a terrible end to today's Raven's game.


Points Projections AdjAvg(Weeks) Position Name
33 23 21.0(1-7) QB Drew Brees
40 15 22.0(4-7) RB Arian Foster
13 13 11.5(1,4,6-7) RB Steven Jackson
00 13 07.0(4,6-7) RB/WR Ryan Torain (RB) - I decided to start Torain instead of Brandon Lloyd, who just got traded to the St. Louis Rams. I thought there was less risk with Torain than with Lloyd. In the end, Torain scored 0 fantasy points and Lloyd saw 7.
10 12 08.2(1-4,6-7) WR Anquan Boldin
02 13 09.2(1-5,7) WR Eric Decker
14 10 08.7(1-4,6-7) TE Fred Davis - I picked up Davis as a TE while Aaron Hernandez is on BYE.
11 14 15(1-4,6-7) D/ST Ravens D/ST
11 12 10.7(1-7) K Jason Hanson
BYE BYE 12.8(1-2,4-6) Hakeem Nicks WR
BYE BYE 11.3(1-6) BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
BYE BYE 18.8(1-6) Wes Welker WR
BYE BYE 10.5(1-2,5-6) Aaron Hernandez TE
07 04 06.3(3-5,7) Brandon Lloyd WR
BYE BYE 17.2(1-6) Eli Manning QB
05 09 09(2-3,6-7) Daniel Thomas RB

Points Projections Position Name
10 23 QB Drew Brees
18 20 RB Arian Foster
30 09 RB Steven Jackson
14 14 RB/WR Anquan Boldin WR
06 16 WR Hakeem Nicks
03 14 WR Wes Welker
06 07 TE Aaron Hernandez
10 15 D/ST Ravens D/ST
11 09 K Jason Hanson
00 12 BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
11 14 Brandon Lloyd WR
21 19 Eli Manning QB
01 13 Ryan Torain RB
00 00 Daniel Thomas RB
09 07 Fred Davis TE
08 09 David Akers K


San Francisco 49ers 19 @ Washington Redskins 11
Watched @ Home 1PM

New York Giants 24 @ New England Patriots 20
Watched @ Home 4PM

Baltimore Ravens 23 @ Pittsburg Steelers 20
Watched @ Home 8PM

Wow, the last time I remember cheering so much after the end of a game was after the last game in the NBA Finals during which the Lakers won. What a close game.

As a side note, I had recommended M.S. to pick up Ben Tate from the free agency. He didn't. Ben Tate got 17 fantasy points this week.

Points Projections Position Name
18 24 QB Drew Brees
20 18 RB Arian Foster
14 16 RB Steven Jackson
08 11 RB/WR Anquan Boldin WR
14 09 WR Wes Welker P
08 15 WR Brandon Lloyd - With Hakeem Nicks out, I put Lloyd in.
09 11 TE Aaron Hernandez P
-02 08 D/ST Ravens D/ST
16 06 K David Akers - It's Jason Hanson's BYE week. Awesome, he made a 52 yd, 34 yd, 45 yd, and a 20 yd field goal.
00 00 Hakeem Nicks WR O - Out due to hamstrings
06 07 BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB P
17 21 Eli Manning QB
00 03 Ryan Torain RB - I definitely didn't expect anything out of Torain. And as he continues to not produce, I might drop him. Roy Helu saw a lot more action.
-- -- Jason Hanson K
00 09 Daniel Thomas RB P
09 10 Fred Davis TE P - With both Hernandez and Davis listed as probable, I decided to play Hernandez.

Baltimore Ravens 17 @ Seattle Seahawks 22
Watched @ Home 4PM

I actually only saw the beginning of the Ravens game. I left early to go to dinner at Petit Louis. I came home to hear they lost. =(


Points Projections Position Name
20 23 QB Drew Brees
30 20 RB Arian Foster
12 12 RB Steven Jackson
00 12 RB/WR Green-Ellis RB
04 10 WR Wes Welker
02 14 WR Anquan Boldin
04 10 TE Aaron Hernandez
01 14 D/ST Ravens D/ST
15 11 K David Akers - Definitely glad I played Akers over Hanson.
10 14 Hakeem Nicks WR - In hindsight (20111123) I don't know why I started Ellis over Nicks.
10 12 Brandon Lloyd WR - I think I was still uncertain that Lloyd would do better than Boldin.
16 18 Eli Manning QB
07 08 Jason Hanson K
04 03 Daniel Thomas RB
02 05 Fred Davis TE
12 05 Ben Tate RB - I happily reacquired Ben Tate from the Waiver Wire.

Cincinnati Bengals 24 @ Baltimore Ravens 31
Watched @ Home 1PM

Torrey Smith really helped the Ravens out this week. I'm wondering if he would ever decide to cut his hair or tie it, because he could have probably run a touchdown if the other player didn't have Smith's hair to grab onto.

While I was originally project to win by a couple of points, despite not having power players Arian Foster and Drew Brees, a lot of the players failed to score any points. I didn't even have to wait for the outcome of Monday's Patriots game to know that I had lost. Prior to the Patriots game I had 55 points and it was highly unlikely that my three Patriot players (Green-Ellis, Welker, and Hernandez) would get 43 points total. A great scenario would be they get 3 TDs and over 250 (rushing/receiving) yards for 43 points. Note that prior to Week 11, Welker averaged 111 receiving and 3 rushing, Green-Ellis averaged 51 rushing and 5 receving, and Hernandez averaged 53 receiving yards (all figures rounded down). As a triple, they would average about 225 yards per game. Thus the chance they would even hit 250 yards is low, let alone hitting 3 TDs. Their highest combined total this season was 9+28+16=53 in Week 1 and their second highest combined total was 26+12+5=43 in Week 5. Week 11 Outcome as a triple: 0 TDs and 172 yards. Of course a better triple would be Green-Ellis, Welker, and Gronkowski, but I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to trade for him.


20111122 Comment:
I correctly guessed that Lloyd would do better than Boldin, but had no idea that Welker and Nicks would score lower than Boldin. I also correctly guessed Akers would score more than Hanson and that Hernandez would score more than Davis. However, the difference in my guesses weren't significant. 3 point gain on Lloyd over Boldin, 2 point gain on Akers over Hanson, and 2 point gain on Hernandez over Davis. But even playing the right players, the team failed overall. This game fell under my Week 6.

I wasn't particularly fond of having three New England Patriot players playing either. In hindsight it might have been better to play Boldin over Welker, just so all my eggs aren't in one basket. I've long feared this issue. It makes it into an all or nothing play. In any case, things will be more balanced with Foster back in. Then I can just play Welker and Hernandez. Though perhaps I'll play Davis over Hernandez. I might try to trade for Robert Meachem and Jimmy Graham but trading probably won't happen.

Points Projections Position Name
10 16 QB Eli Manning
05 16 RB Steven Jackson - Unfortunately Jackson didn't come close to his projection
10 03 RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis - Ellis wasn't projected big, but I decided he'd be a better start than Thomas. I made the right choice between the two.
02 16 RB/WR Wes Welker WR - I didn't expect Welker to get his projected points, but I did expect him to get around 10. ::sigh::
06 13 WR Hakeem Nicks
12 08 WR Brandon Lloyd - I decided to play Lloyd over Boldin. I made the right choice between the two.
04 13 TE Aaron Hernandez - I decided to play Hernandez over Davis. I made the right choice between the two.
03 08 D/ST Ravens D/ST
09 12 K David Akers - I decided to play Akers over Hanson. I made the right choice between the two.
-- -- Arian Foster RB
09 12 Anquan Boldin WR - I was happy to see him run a touchdown, but was pretty sure he wouldn't score much beyond that and Lloyd would end up outscoring him in Fantasy points. True to my belief, Boldin had 1 REC 35 YDS 1 TD, while Lloyd had 5 REC 67 YDS 1 TD.
-- -- Drew Brees QB
07 12 Jason Hanson K
05 03 Daniel Thomas RB
02 11 Fred Davis TE
-- -- Ben Tate RB

Miami Dolphis 19 @ Dallas Cowboys 20
Watched @ Home Thurs 4PM

San Francisco 49ers 6 @ Baltimore Ravens 16
Watched @ Home Thurs 8PM

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals
Watched @ Home Sunday 1PM WJZ (CBS)

New England Patriots 38 @ Philadelphia Eagles 20
Watched @ Home Sunday 4PM WJZ (CBS)

Denver Broncos 16 @ San Diego Chargers 13
Watched @ Home Sunday 4PM WJZ (CBS)
[[CBS switched away from the Patriots vs. Eagles game when the score was 38-13]]

I didn't find the right channel to start watching the Raven's game until after the first half. It was a good game. It was the battle of the Harbaugh brothers. Go Ravens!

Sad face, Green-Ellis makes two touchdowns. His performance is too unpredictable for fantasy football. While I didn't play Green-Ellis this week, my three New England Patriot players totaled 45 fantasy points.

Yay, I don't have to wait for Drew Brews and Hakeem Nicks to play on Monday.


Points Projections Position Name
36 23 QB Drew Brees - Brees is a beast, but Manning does pretty well.
12 16 RB Arian Foster
07 17 RB Steven Jackson
08 13 RB/WR Hakeem Nicks WR
23 14 WR Wes Welker P
13 08 WR Brandon Lloyd - Yay for Brandon Lloyd!
06 10 TE Aaron Hernandez
18 07 D/ST Ravens D/ST - Ravens defense usually does well
09 08 K David Akers - I'm really glad I picked up Akers
16 10 BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
06 11 Anquan Boldin WR
22 19 Eli Manning QB
00 12 Jason Hanson K
02 03 Daniel Thomas RB
11 05 Fred Davis TE - What? Next week I'm playing Davis over Hernandez
02 05 Ben Tate RB

Denver Broncos 35 @ Minnesota Vikings 32
Watched @ Home 1PM
[[Didn't watch the end]]

Baltimore Ravens 24 @ Cleveland Browns 10
Watched @ Home, CVP 4PM

Green Bay Packers 38 @ New York Giants 35
Watched @ CVP
[[Watched the end of this game following the Ravens game]]

Detroit Lions 17 @ New Orleans Saints 31
Watched @ Home 8PM
[[Watched the end]]


Cincinnati Bengals 10 @ Houston Texans 31
Watched @ Home

Detroit Lions 28 @ New Orleans Saints 45
Watched @ Home [1st Half]

Prior to the start of the game, JK and PN thought the Bengals would win. On the other hand, I thought the Texans would win. After the Bengals first touchdown, JK was more certain of a Bengal win. However, the Texans scored not too long after. I did agree that the Bengals have a better chance at winning, but I decided to root for the Texans. As such I was happy to have Watts with the interception returned for a touchdown prior to the half and Andre Johnson score a touchdown after the half.

My other picks for the Wild Card round are Saints (beating Lions), Giants (beating Falcons), and Steelers (beating Broncos). Then for the Divisional round Saints (beating 49ers) [50/50], Steelers (beating Patriots), Ravens (beating Texans), and Packers (beating Giants). Ravens (beating Steelers) and Saints (beating Packers) [50/50]. Finally Ravens (beating Saints). There's some wishful thinking in wanting Ravens to win.

Yay! I was right about the Texans and the Saints!

The Giants beat the Falcons. But apparently the Broncos ended up beating the Steelers in overtime. Modifying the above, the Divisional round Saints (beating 49ers) [50/50], Patriots (beating Broncos), Ravens (beating Texans), and Packers (beating Giants). Ravens (beating Patriots) and Saints (beating Packers) [50/50]. Finally Ravens (beating Saints). There's some wishful thinking in wanting Ravens to win.


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