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I wrote: "Rum Jumbie Splash. Mango hmm not quite mango... Don't know what it tastes like. Pineapple is more interesting. Definitely has the smell. Coconut has a fantastic coconut smell. But the flavor is strong on its own. Vanilla smells like vanilla. Tastes great! Then there's BlackBeard Rum. That's a nice taste. Pretty smooth..." 7:16 pm

After sampling all 5 different rums, I was sympathetic and bought a bottle. I normally don't give in to making purchases after getting samples, but I suppose I was in a good mood.

Website Information:

Rum Jumbie Splash is the ultimate blend of the finest Caribbean Rum infused with natural fruit flavors. Nurtured by the warmth of the Caribbean sun, only the best sugar cane rum is selected to create this harmonious tropical spirit. On the rocks, with fruit juice or your mixer of choice, open up Rum Jumbie Spash and unleash the Caribbean Spirit.

- Clear, VARIABLE-flavored rum distilled from molasses.
- Bottled at 24% alcohol by volume.

where VARIABLE is a member of {Coconut, Pineapple, Vanilla, Mango}

Website Information:
Rum aged 12-18 months in American white oak barrels is combined with the finest blend of Caribbean spices including vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

86 proof, 43% ALC/VOL

1.75L, 1L, 750ml, 50ml

94/100 Points
Outstanding A+
Patterson's Tasting Panel

Highly Recommended
F. Paul Pacult SPirit Journal

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