Table Tennis (Ping-Pong)

Played 20110812. Billy me. 21-8. 21-14. 21-9. 21-13. 21-19.
Played 20120527. Josh me. 8-11. 2-5.

I was really close to getting 20-20. The ball came to my side and I attacked it. Unfortunately, it overshot the table and so I lost for a fifth game in a row.

I held the racket in something resembling a penhold grip.

Worked up a sweat. I should remember to play more back at school.

Reading some of the rules (20110818), I guess most games go to 11. Also one doesn't have to serve to the opposite box in a singles game.

Josh was first to serve during the first game and I was first to serve in the second game. We left in the middle of our second game to go eat. The score was 2-5 with Josh to serve.

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