Movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a great movie. I loved so many of the scenes. I loved all the references to the original Planet of the Apes.

I recall making notes on my impressions of the movie, but perhaps this is the explanation of why I don't have notes on it:
"Unfortunately, I either didn't write down my impression of the drink or I accidentally erased it (along with other first impressions)."*

Getting back to the movie, I remember enjoying the score. I also uncontrollably whispered "Potter" after several of Tom Felton's lines.

*This was taken from my Drink Captain Morgan Lime Bite post. The event took place on 20110822 and was recorded on 20110905.


[I] liked the beginning with the capture
[I] enjoyed the references (Lost in Space, "damned dirty ape," "Bright Eyes")
[The movie has some] awesome sequences
lol. [F]or about three of Tom Felton's lines, I leaned over to my friend and whisper[ed] "Potter" [in a Malfoy-like voice]
[The movie had] awesome action
[Josh and I] questioned the placement of the three credits before some additional scene
[H]alf the theater [was] empty and people [were] still leaving. lol.**

*On 20170522, I found these notes lying around in a draft blog post dates 20110821 10:30 PM. I'm uncertain of their origin, but they're likely quick notes written soon after watching the movie.
**I believe this note meant that most people missed the additional scene and some didn't care to watch the additional scene as it played.

Josh and I watched some of the special features on his blu-ray copy of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. We watched them in the background, while finishing our Scrabble game in the foreground.

Deleted Scenes | Mythology of the Apes | The Genius of Andy Serkis | A New Generation of Apes | Scene Breakdown : For this special I mainly just watched the completed scene with the motion capture as PIP. | Character Concept Art Gallery | Breaking Motion Capture Boundaries | Composing the Score with Patrick Doyle | The Great Apes | Audio Commentary by Director Rupert Wyatt | Audio Commentary by Writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver | Theatrical Trailers

Released 20110805.
Watched 20110821 Theater.*
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) Rupert Wyatt. 105 min.

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*[20120108] I couldn't find the stub to this movie. I'll try looking again when I'm back in MD. The following suggests (in combination with movies being cheaper on Sundays and that I'd be leaving next Thursday or Friday), that I saw this movie on the 21st of August:
JOSH(9:50:36 PM): wanna go see a movie tomorrow btw?
ME (9:50:51 PM): are you thinking apes?
JOSH (9:51:49 PM): i might want to see a newer one since my passes are good for older movies but i'm cool with apes. apes is good, 30 min or less is what i want to see most, also want to see conan and i forget but i think one other movie
JOSH (9:52:00 PM): but i'm def down for apes if you want that one most