Movie Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Seen at least once before.
Watched 20110819 (DVD)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Steven Spielberg. 115 min.

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This movie excels in so many ways. Though I can only say that from a general perspective. You'd have to talk to someone in the know about how and why the movie is as great as it is. Go watch it!

Instant Comments:
It became clear after finishing the movie, that I had certainly seen it
I don't know how many times I've seen this before. Certainly not enough to remember having seen it before. Perhaps I've only seen bits and parts of it on TV as a kid and never watched it all the way through. I certainly remember the temple portion and the airplane escape.
Lol, the snake. "I hate snakes!"
Lol, I definitely remember the eyelids. That makes me wonder when the last time I saw parts of it, if not all of it.
Love the silhouette.
Love the fight in the bar. What a great movie.

Classic scene: Indy pulls the gun on the swordsmen.
Lol... Marion cries "Indy..." while in the basket.
Hahaha, ready to bite, "Wait."
I love that scene. "Bad dates." (@FedoraDude: It seems like the inside of the date pops up, not the entire date. Thus we should go buy some dates and try it.)
Lol: Marion's fall into the pit is great. And her climbing on Indy. Lol.
Ark sealed in the case 9906753.

Special Features Watched:
Raiders of the Lost Ark: An Introduction: Mainly Steven Spielberg and George Lucas talking about getting the film going
Indiana Jones: An Appreciate: The cast of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) and a handful of other people reflect on the series.
The Melting Face!: Discusses how the melting face effect was done.
Storyboards: The Well of Souls: The storyboard goes alongside the scene. It starts somewhere around Jones needing the rope and ends when the statue hits the wall. In the storyboard, Marion has both legs over Indy's shoulders. But I like how in the scene she only gets one over.