Drink Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey (and Coca-Cola)

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Alcohol on a plane!

I wrote: "Smell is a spiciness. Drinking this shit straight is tough (on the rocks, ice comes up to about half the cup, and sipped through a straw). Filled the cup with Coca-Cola. Drank half of this mixture by mouth. It was almost a good balance. Just a little too much whiskey flavor. Filled the half-filled glass back up with Coca-Cola. The whiskey and Coke is easier to drink by mouth than through the straw. Drank another half and filled it up again. Perfect." 1:04 am

I wanted to take a picture of the whiskey and Coke, but the interior of the plane was dark. I needed to use my camera phone's flash, but most people were sleeping. I solved my problem by taking the blanket provided by United to create a little tent which would block the light from waking the other passengers.

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