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Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori Sake

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20110820: [20110822]
I wrote: "Smells of alcohol and rice? Tastes sweet." 7:06 pm

Hahahaha. Sometimes I wonder why I try to write anything about the beers I try or the movies I watch, because the comments end up being vague and useless. I suppose the purpose is to strive for another level of enjoying said beers or movies. For example, I would not have realized the importance of smelling a beer, I would not have paid attention to the color, head, or lacing of a beer, and I might not have realized the importance of the pouring or cups.

Website Information:
ALC. 12.5% BY VOL.
SAKE METER VALUE (NIHONSHUDO) : -11 (lower=sweeter, higher=drier)

Using only selected rice and rice koji, "SAYURI" is brewed up carefully with the natural spring water from Mount Rokko. It has a refreshing aroma, natural sweetness and smooth aftertaste.

Scale 1-5, 1=Sweet and 5=Dry, "SAYURI" is 1.
Scale 1-5, 1=Full-bodied and 5=Light, "SAYURI" is 2.

With food
A good match not only with Japanese food like Yakitori or Sukiyaki but also with Western cuisine.

Enjoy chilled. Shake well before serving.

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