Video Keep Up with Me

Timothy Tran - Keep Up with Me

I was inspired one day (by someone) to go and play with my old Legos. I immediately thought to do a short stop-motion clip. My last stop-motion efforts were contained in Having Fun Isn't an Option... It's a Must. For this video, each picture plays for .2 seconds. It was quite improvised and I got impatient towards the end. I went from trying to take 399 pictures (my camera's max at medium quality) to about 199 pictures, of which 186 were usable.

The video got me to polish one of the various songs I'm working on. Prior to polishing Keep Up with Me, my shortest song is 70 seconds. Since the video is a short 37 seconds, I looked for an unpolished song. I boiled down the essentials of Keep Up with Me; theoretically, the song could be longer.

See also my Dreams Will Come (Demo) post.

Equipment Used:
Acoustic Guitar: Fender CD140S Nat
Microphone and Boom: (Special thanks to Stephanie's mom for lending them to me!)
Pop Filter: Sterling Audio PF2
Microphone and Boom: AT2020, Proline
Sound Card: M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
Laptop: ASUS Eee PC 1201N

Digital Camera: OLYMPUS C-750 UltraZoom (10x Optical Zoom, 4.0 MP)

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