Surfing 20110713

Today, at Bolsa Chica, I basically learned to do a turtle roll. It was an informal lesson.

The time schedule that surrounded my surfing day:
Leave home at 8:07.
Park at 8:29, so it takes about 20 minutes to get to Bolsa Chica State Beach and find parking.
At 8:32, I get the bike out of the car.
I bike from where I park to where the surf school is in about 19 minutes.
Six minutes later I take a picture of my feet on the sand, ready to get in a wetsuit and head out into the ocean. Thus somehow it took about six minutes to lock up my bike. Seems unlikely that six minutes can go by so fast, but whatever. 8:59.
I take a picture after calling it a day. I must be rather tired, since I can hardly keep my eyes open and have trouble focusing on smiling. 10:32. I spent about one and a half hours in the water.
Three pictures later, I have this semi-smile. 10:33.
17 minutes later, I finish biking back to my car. I recall definitely feeling more energetic during the bike ride back, than the bike ride from my car earlier in the morning.
The car has eaten the bike.

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