Drink Sand In Your Shorts

Sand In Your Shorts

Red Robin's Menu Description (for Sand In Your Shorts)

I decided I wanted something to drink, but Red Robin's beer selection was limited. According to the website, they had Coors Light, Bud Light, Corona Extra, Guinness, and Blue Moon. With nothing interesting on draft, I asked one of my friends if he had any recommendations on mixed drinks. He said he tried "Sand In Your Shorts" here at Red Robin before and thought it was good. I looked at the ingredients and everything looked smashing, especially the Peach Schnapps. It was in fact a delicious drink. Just don't take a sip of the Freckled Lemonade immediately before taking a sip of Sand In Your Shorts; cleanse your palette with some water.

I wrote: "Good. Dont drink straw frek lem first. itll make it taste more like alcohol. Love peach. Alcohol comes as you swallow and the liquid leaves your tongue."

Red Robin's Website Description:
Freckled Lemonade®
Pucker up to this refreshing blend of sweet strawberries & tangy Minute Maid® Lemonade. Bottomless refills! Try it with Minute Maid® Light™ Lemonade

Whiskey River BBQ Burger
Red Robin's Website Description:
Whiskey River® BBQ Burger
Don’t be afraid to get a little saucy. Basted with our signature Whiskey River® BBQ Sauce and lassoed together with Cheddar cheese, crispy onion straws, lettuce, fresh tomatoes & mayo.

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