Drink Adios Motherf***er (AMF)

Adios Motherf***er (AMF)

The thing about mixed drinks is I have a desire to know what goes into them. I told the waiter I'd get the drink if the bartender would write down what goes into it.

1 oz Blue Ice Vodka
1 oz New Amsterdam Gin
1 oz Margaritaville White Spiced Rum
1 oz Blue Curaçao
2 oz Sweet & Sour
splash of 7up

Many recipes on the net have tequila in addition to the vodka, gin, rum, and curacao, but only a 1/2 oz of each. The above might not be standard AMF, but since I've never had an AMF before, I have no complaints.

I wrote: "The Adios is really good. Like Ryan, I finished it in one go, but it took longer, because I sipped it through the two red straws. Wow, as of writing this, I feel it. Lol, the waiter was going to take away the diluted bottom." 3:13 pm.

I must have said, "Wait, I'm going to drink that." Hahaha. It was good.

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