Parkour 20110626

This place has a lot of equipment. But the downside is there's absolutely no training attached to the $5 entry fee. You just come in and practice what you know, and frankly, I don't know much. I'll keep this place in mind for the future, when I've got various movements practiced correctly. I'd hate to build bad habits, it's possible I already have formed some (prior to Gymnastics 20110604).

Besides doing parkour vaults, I practiced some back handsprings on the trampoline, I swung back and forth several times on the parallel bars, reviewed various other things from Gymnastics 20110604 and Gymnastics 20110607.

There are four or five regular height balance beams to the left.
On these balance beams, one can practice hopping between any two adjacent beams
or between the two nonadjacent beams.

Slowly adding distance between the tall red block and the blue mats to the left.
It helps that the blue mats to the left were starting to sag.
An earlier setup was blue mats, rainbow, tall red; for kong vaults.
I can't remember if we did kong vaults with two rainbow mats or not.

I did a few reps up and down the rope.
Whenever I had the energy to do so, I'd climb without wrapping my legs around the rope.

The back left of the gym. The trampoline is bouncy.

Other equipment on the right side of the gym.

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