Parkour 20110620

More playground fun! See my Parkour 20110617 post.

I was climbing and hanging on the bars you see extending from the thick column in the center.

Similar to 20110617, I went over one rail, down, under the bridge,
and up to climb over the other rail. The distance to swing is further.
Used my feet to stabilize and reach from one side to the other.

Endless monkey bar! But not so fun, lots of friction on the hands.

Failed attempt to climb the tree.

Testing the height.

I didn't realize I get pretty high up there.
I also didn't realize my leading leg bends so much.
I have more incentive to not touch my hands to the ground.
I need to remember to straighten that leg.

My hands eventually touch the ground. Sadness.


  1. That's true, they do wait a while before coming down. And I do sort of feel like I've been able to wait longer before putting my hands down.